Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weekend Results

Nike Cross Nationals. The 5000 meter race was held at Glendoveer Golf Course in Portland, Oregon.
This was the sixth straight appearance at NXN for the boys team.  They had their second best showing with a 5th place finish. Casey Clinger (8th place) and Zac Jacklin(16th place) were named second and third team All-America, respectively. The girls were at NXN for the first time in program history and placed 22nd overall.

Boys Results:
8.Casey Clinger, 15:32 (Sophomore course record and 2nd team All-America).
16.Zac Jacklin, 15:41 (3rd Team All-America)
41.McKay Johns, 16:02 (Third Sophomore)
120.Daniel Bentley, 16:40
128.Joe Simmons, 16:45
136.Hagen Harmer, 16:52
153.Jacob Chase, 17:01

Girls Results:
70.Cami Squires, 18:54
126.Sammy Hollingsworth, 19:32
153.Katie Cornell, 19:57
155.Maddie Bench, 20:00
157.Nicole Smith, 20:01
170.Sophie Baird, 20:12
175.Lexie Green, 20:18

The JV went to Walnut, California for the Footlocker West Regionals.
(* = medalist)
3.Lexi Wright*, Girls Frosh, 19:42
9.Parker Rasmussen*, Boys Senior, 17:19
18.Tony Jeffs*, Boys Junior, 17:38
20.Jason Manning*, Boys Junior, 17:49
20.Katie Bradshaw*, Girls Soph, 20:35
21.Kendra Heath*, Girls Soph, 20:35
24.Anna Gunther*, Girls Junior, 21:00
27.Katy Phillippi*, Girls Soph, 20:55
39.Ben Carson*, Boys Soph, 17:51
44.Madison Marrott, Girls Soph, 21:26
45.Parker Barnes, Boys Junior, 18:25
52.Jared Anderson, Boys Junior, 18:32
53.Ashlynn Lee, Girls Frosh, 22:25
57.Cole Phillippi, Boys Frosh, 18:58
62.Dani Christlieb, Girls Frosh, 22:43
63.Haley Heath, Girls Senior, 23:23
69.Mark Carlisle, Boys Junior, 18:56
77.Talon Garrick, Boys Junior, 19:00
83.Stormy Watson, Girls Soph, 22:56
94.Emma Russell, Girls Soph, 23:17
100.Camille Garrett, Girls Junior, 23:15
103.Abbi Lamb, Girls Junior, 23:16
116.Heather Bergeson, Girls Senior, 25:28
118.Samuel Williams, Boys Soph, 19:04
119.Scout McMiIllan, Girls Frosh, 25:25
122.Jonah Hickman, Boys Junior, 20:04
123.Collin Nielsen, Boys Junior, 20:26
124.Hannah Simmons, Girls Frosh, 25:40
127.Kaylie Green, Girls Junior, 24:02
156.Bryson Owen, Boys Junior, 22:10
158.Nate Baird, Boys Junior, 22:18
159.Jessica Anderson, Girls Junior, 25:17
160.Melissa Smith, Girls Junior, 25:18
160.Spencer Fong, Boys Soph, 19:33
170.Candace Lundahl, Girls Senior, 29:16
201.Rachael Brantley, Girls Junior, 26:54
229.Meg Ipson, Girls Soph, 30:30
254.Parker Williams, Boys Senior, 22:54

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Live Broadcast

The 2014 edition of Nike Cross Nationals will be broadcast LIVE on, Saturday December 6, 2014. The broadcast will begin at 9:30am Pacific.  If you miss the webcast, will be the exclusive location to watch the full replay of the races. Videos will be available shortly after the conclusion of the event. 
NXN RACE SCHEDULE - Saturday, December 6, 2014 - Glendoveer Golf Course, Portland OR
9:30am: Webcast Starts
10:05am: Girl's Championship Race
11:35am: Boy's Championship Race
12:45pm: Community Race
* Awards to follow each race
* Schedule subject to change
All times are Pacific time. Add 1 hour for Utah.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

NXN Information

All spectators will need to park at the Tri Met Park and Ride at 12202 E Burnside St (full address below) where shuttles will transport you to/from Glendoveer Golf Course.  Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the race start to allow ample time: 

Tri Met Park and Ride
12202 E Burnside St
Portland, OR 97216

Should the lot above fill up, you will be directed to an overflow lot within one mile of the Tri Met Park and Ride.  You may also access this lot via the Tri Met MAX train using the E 122nd/Menlo Park stop on the Blue Line. 

For more information about the Tri Met MAX please visit 

-Athlete’s family members are responsible for their own travel, ground transportation and hotel accommodations.  Hotel recommendations and rates can be found at
-Due to liability concerns, family members will NOT be allowed to ride with the athletes on the buses.
-Athletes will be transported by a designated NXN bus at all times, and due to liability concerns will not be permitted to leave event premises with family members or friends during their stay in Portland.
-Family members are welcome at the Embassy Suites Hotel anytime over the weekend to visit.  We do ask that families enable their athlete to focus on their athlete activities.
-Parents do NOT need to register their athlete online; athletes will be registered by meet staff.

Embassy Suites Hotel Washington Square
9000 SW Washington Square Rd.
Tigard, OR 97223    Phone: 503-644-4000
Family and Friends Hotels - Link 

Tiger Woods Center
One Bowerman Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97005  Phone: 503-532-6300

NIKE CROSS NATIONALS RACE/GLENDOVEER GOLF COURSE-All family & friends are welcome to attend the race at Glendoveer Golf Course on December 6th
-Admission to Nike Cross Nationals is free for spectators
Glendoveer Golf Course
14015 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97230
(503) 253-7507
10:05am Girl’s Championship Race
11:35am Boy’s Championship Race
12:45pm: Community Race (family and friends welcome to participate by registering at
*Awards to follow each race 

Read more: - Nike Cross Nationals Official Site - NXN - Meet Info - Friends and Family Info

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful 13

Athletes who would like to help Dave Bell at the Thankful 13 Road Race, contact him at (801)722-5106. He needs help at the finish line and at the aid stations.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Today the Cavemen competed at the NXN Southwest Regionals at Casa Grande, Arizona.
The boys raced at 10:47 AM when it was 65 degrees and sunny. When it was over, the boys had won the Southwest Regionals for the 6th straight year with 74 points. We had three All-Region runners: Casey Clinger (4th) and Zac Jacklin (7th) were 1st Team All-Region, and McKay Johns (10th) was 2nd Team All-Region. They  had the second fastest team time in Southwest history and set a course team time record. Their team time is the 13th fastest in US History.
1 American Fork Cross Country 72 1:16:31 
2 Casey CLINGER 14:56.000 
4 Zac JACKLIN 14:59.000 
5 Mckay JOHNS 15:08.000 
25 Joseph SIMMONS 15:39.000 
36 Jacob CHASE 15:49.000 
(44) Hagen HARMER 15:53.000 
(82) Daniel BENTLEY 16:16.000 

At 11:17 it was the girls' turn, and they won their first Southwest Regional Championships with 118 points. 
1 American Fork Cross Country 118 1:33:06 
9 Cami SQUIRES 18:11.000 
13 Sammy HOLLINGSWORTH 18:22.000 
14 Nikki SMITH 18:26.000 
35 Lexie GREEN 18:58.000 
47 Sophie BAIRD 19:09.000 
(55) Katie CORNELL 19:13.000 

Read more: NXN Southwest Regional - News - 2014 Results - NXN Southwest Regional

Both team have earned trips to compete at the Nike Cross Nationals in Portland, Oregon on December 6th. This will be the boys' 6th straight trip, while it will be the first trip for the girls.

Thanks to all the parents and family who traveled down from Utah for the races, and for all the community support for our team.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NXN Southwest Regionals

Here's a schedule for NXN-SW:
Grande Sports Academy,
Casa Grande, AZ
CO - UT - NM - AZ - NV
Friday November 21
3:30 - 7:00 pm Packet Pick Up
4:00 – 5:00 pm Course Walk Thru (Only at this time)
3:00 – 7:00 pm Retail Open @ Course
5:05 - 5:35 pm Press Conference, Pre Meet Review, Discussion, Gatorade Recovery Social.
5:40 - 6:15 pm T-Shirt Exchange. (Bring T-Shirts from your schools).
6:30 - 8:00 pm Pasta Dinner,  Nike Elite Athlete Appearance and Q&A Session
(Pasta Dinner Registration/Menu/Location HERE)
Saturday November 22
6:30 - 7:30 am  Walk Thru, Late Registration
6:30 - 7:30 am Final Registration Citizens Race
8:00 am Citizens 5K Race
8:20 am Girls Open Race I PINK
8:35 am Girls Open Race II YELLOW
8:50 am Girls Open Race III RED
9:10 am Boys Open Race I ORANGE
9:25 am Boys Open Race II WHITE
9:40 am Boys Open Race III BROWN
9:55 am Boys Open Race IV PURPLE
10:30 am Line Up Boys Championship Race
10:35 am National Anthem
10:40 am Introduction
10:47 am Boys Championship Race BLACK
11:15 am Line Up Girls Championship Race
11:20 am Introduction
11:27 am Girls Championship Race GREEN
12:10 pm Awards
12:45 pm Championship Teams and Individuals Processing for Nationals

Read more: NXN Southwest Regional - Meet Info - Meet Info

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cross-Country Banquet

We will have our team banquet this Thursday at the AFHS cafeteria this Thursday at 6:00 PM. As usual, it will be a pot luck supper. The team captains will hand out assignments for food to all the athletes.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pre-Footlocker Invite Results

Results Link: Pre-Footlocker

2.Cami Squires, 18:47
3.Sammy Hollingsworth, 19:03
6.Nikki Smith, 19:29
7.Maddie Bench, 19:30
8.Sophie Baird, 19:38
13.Lexie Green, 20:01
14.Lexi Wright, 20:04
16.Katie Bradshaw, 20:10
21.Katie Cornell, 20:39
22.Katy Phillippi, 20:40
25.Anna Gunther, 20:46
27.Kendra Heath, 20:52
34.Bonnie Schellenberg, 21:16
39.Madison Marrott, 21:22
61.Ashlynn Lee, 22:20
63.Camille Garrett, 22:23
65.Malorie Finch, 22:24
85.Abbi Lamb, 22:53
91.Stormy Watson, 23:26
98.Andie Weight, 23:32
101.Hailey Heath, 23:50
103.Jessica Anderson, 23:58
104.Heather Bergeson, 24:02
108.Kaylie Green, 24:16
111.Scout McMillan, 24:24
121.Melissa Smith, 25:11
129.Candace Lundahl, 26:14
132.Lara Reading, 26:28
133.Hannah Simmons, 26:28
139.Meg Ipson, 28:07
144.Emma Bench, 30:55

1.Casey Clinger, 15:32
2.Zac Jacklin , 15:36
5.McKay Johns, 15:50
6.Joe Simmons, 16:15
7.Hagen Harmer, 16:15
11.Jacob Chase, 16:26
13.Daniel Bentley, 16:28
23.Connor Hoopes, 16:44
32.Parker Rasmussen, 16:59
49.Jason Manning, 17:38
55.Tony Jeffs, 17:45
70.Jared Anderson, 18:09
75.Cole Phillippi,   18:14
95.Parker Barnes, 18:42
109.Talon Garrick, 18:56
128.Collin Nielsen, 19:33
149.Bryson Owen, 20:43
170.Nate Baird, 21:49
175.Parker Williams, 22:02

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Post-Season Mile Time Trial

The boys held their Post-Season Mile Time Trial today.
1.McKay Johns          4:22.8
2.Casey Clinger          4:25.2
3.Zac Jacklin               4:26.4
4.Jacob Chase             4:27.6
5.Daniel Bentley         4:30.8
6.Connor Hoopes        4:35.6
7.Joseph Simmons      4:37.9
8.Ashton Jensen          4:42.0
9.Hagen Harmer          4:44.2
10.Parker Rasmussen  4:50.7
11.Jason Manning       4:55.3
12.Ben Carson             4:57.3
13.Tony Jeffs               4:59.0
14.Jared Anderson       5:10.1
15.Cole Phillippi          5:11.9
16.Parker Barnes         5:12.5
17.Talon Garrick         5:18.7
18.Samuel Williams    5:25.9
19.Spencer Fong          5:27.3
20.Collin Nielsen         5:35.1
21.Bryson Owen          5:42.2

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pre-Footlocker Invitational

The Utah High School Track Coaches Association is holding a meet this Saturday, November 8th at AFHS: The Pre-Footlocker Invite.
Cost is $3.00 per athlete.
7:30-8:20 AM Registration
8:30 AM - Girls 5k Race
9:00 AM - Boys 5k Race

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Grinder

Yesterday was Grinder Monday.
Cami Squires set a new HS Girls record of 9:03.
Jared Anderson earned his Grnider t-shirt with a time of 8:58.
Jacob Chase earned a pair of spikes witha PR 7:58. He is the 20th boy to break 8:00.
The boys also set a record of 5 boys sub 8:00.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Weekend News

The boys and girls are both ranked in the top 10 nationally at the same time for the first time ever:
Boys #1 on Dyestat
Girls #6 on Dyestat

Boys #2 on Milesplit
Girls #6 on Milesplit

Boys #3 on Running Times
Girls #5 on Running Times

2014 Alumnus Connor McMillan placed 10th in 23:36 for 8k to help BYU place 2nd in the West Coast Conference Championships.

2014 Alumna Makayla Stepp placed 13th in 18:30 for 5k to help UVU place 2nd at the Western Athletic Conference Championships.

2010 Alumna Jasmyn Hildebrandt placed 64th in 18:47 for 5k to help SUU place 7th at the Big Sky Conference Championships.

2014 Alumna Diane Leach placed 70th in 22:48 for 6k to help USU place 7th at the Mountain West Conference Championships.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Grinder

The boys ran their first post-State Grinder workout today. Talon Garrick (8:54) and Parker Barnes (8:57) both earned their Grinder t-shirts. Congratulations!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Utah State Championships

Yesterday was a very fun day for the Cavemen.
At 2:00 PM, the girls team lined up at the Sugarhouse Park starting line and 19 minutes later had won the girls 5A state championship with 46 points and the second fastest team time in Utah State Meet history.
 1.  American Fork HS   46
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

6. 139    Sammy Hollingsworth18:19.76.00:38.7Spread between the scoring runners00:34.4
7. 141    Cami Squires18:24.47.00:43.4
10. 135    Maddie Bench18:27.89.00:46.8
11. 138    Lexie Green18:36.510.00:55.5
16. 137    Katie Cornell18:54.114.01:13.1
17. 140    Nikki Smith18:56.4(15.)01:15.4
24. 136    Katie Bradshaw19:21.4(21.)01:40.4

1.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:32:42.5)46

Sammy, Cami, and Maddie all earned All-State honors.

At 3:30 PM, it was the boys turn. The Cavemen ended up with 4 All-State runners, our 5th Individual State Champion in the last 6 years, and a record team time by 36 seconds.
 1.  American Fork HS   33

PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

1. 132    Zac Jacklin15:05.51.NASpread between the scoring runners00:52.6
2. 130    Casey Clinger15:12.12.00:06.6
4. 133    McKay Johns15:25.24.00:19.7
9. 129    Jacob Chase15:44.19.00:38.6
17. 134    Joe Simmons15:58.117.00:52.6
21. 128    Daniel Bentley16:10.4(21.)01:04.9
32. 131    Connor Hoopes16:21.4(30.)01:15.9
This is the boys 6th straight State Championship.
Complete Results

Deseret News Article

Daily Herald Article - Boys

Daily Herald Article - Girls

Salt Lake Tribune Article

Milesplit Videos

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Utah State Championships and other news

The 2014 UHSAA State Cross Country Championships will be held Wednesday, October 22 at Sugarhouse Park and Highland High School.
Parking in Sugarhouse Park is limited, will be crowded and is discouraged. With races being run throughout the day, vehicle access to the park and leaving the park will be slow. Parking for both buses and spectators will be available in the Highland High School driving range located just south of the school and adjacent to the stadium where all races finish. Use of this lot is strongly encouraged. The lot is accessed from 17th East. Only meet administration will be allowed in the lot immediately west of the starting line.

Races will be run consecutively in the following order. Times listed are approximate:
1A Girls...11:00 am 4A Girls...1:30 pm
2A Girls...11:30 am 5A Girls...2:00 pm 
1A Boys...12:00 noon 3A Boys...2:30 pm
2A Boys...12:30 pm 4A Boys...3:00 pm
3A Girls...1:00 pm 5A Boys...3:30 pm 

The AFHS team will be leaving the school at 12:15 PM. All athletes must ride up on the bus. After the meet, athletes may ride home with their parents if a coach has been notified.  After the meet, the team will have dinner at the Chuckarama on 4th South in SLC. The Varsity teams will be fed. JV athletes need to bring $15 to pay for their meal.

NXN News:
Nike Cross Nationals will be moving venues from Portland Meadows to Glendoveer GC in Portland.
Link to today's announcement.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Grinder

We did the Grinder today to get ready for the hills on the State course next week.
Three Cavemen earned their Grinder t-shirts today:
Ashton Jensen ran 8:28.
Ben Carson ran 8:38.
Madison Marrott ran 10:24.

Three girls earned their spikes for breaking 9:30.
Lexie Green ran 9:08 (New record)
Sammy Hollingsworth ran 9:17.
Cami Squires ran 9:18.

On the boys side, 4 boys ran under 8:00 with McKay Johns (7:22) and Casey Clinger (7:27) breaking the Grinder record. Zac Jacklin hit 7:46, while Nathan Tracy ran 7:52.
All-Time Grinder List

Friday, October 10, 2014

Region IV Championships

Today the Region IV Championships were held at American Fork High School. We appreciate all the coaches, faculty, administration, and parents who helped at the meet.
Girls JV: 3 team members won ribbons as the girls won JV Region with 43 points.
 1.  American Fork HS   43
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

1. 141    Kendra Heath20:46.61.NASpread between the scoring runners01:42.9
4. 148    Madison Marrott21:11.44.00:24.8
6. 152    Katy Phillippi21:31.76.00:45.1
8. 139    Anna Gunther21:39.28.00:52.6
24. 133    Dani Christlieb22:29.524.01:42.9
26. 137    Camille Garrett22:30.8(25.)01:44.2
29. 140    Hailey Heath22:35.3(28.)01:48.7
34. 160    Andie Weight22:53.0NS 02:06.4
39. 154    Emma Russell23:09.3NS 02:22.7
42. 136    Malorie Finch23:23.2NS 02:36.6
43. 146    Ashlynn Lee23:26.4NS 02:39.8
48. 144    Abbi Lamb23:32.1NS 02:45.5
58. 128    Jessica Anderson24:04.2NS 03:17.6
61. 131    Heather Bergeson24:18.1NS 03:31.5
66. 138    Kaylie Green24:33.7NS 03:47.1
70. 157    Melissa Smith24:40.9NS 03:54.3
84. 135    Abby Dean24:59.3NS 04:12.7
94. 143    Rachel Isaacson25:27.7NS 04:41.1
96. 150    Scout McMillan25:32.1NS 04:45.5
112. 156    Hannah Simmons26:39.0NS 05:52.4
113. 147    Candace Lundahl26:59.8NS 06:13.2
121. 149    Abigail McBride27:29.0NS 06:42.4
133. 142    Meg Ipson28:36.0NS 07:49.4
140. 130    Emma Bench32:12.0NS 11:25.4

1.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:47:38.4)43

Up next were the JV Boys, where AF took the top 5 spots and 7 of the top 9 places. They won JV Region with 15 points.
 1.  American Fork HS   17
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

1. 104    Daniel Bentley16:43.11.NASpread between the scoring runners00:50.4
2. 118    Nathan Tracy16:50.72.00:07.6
3. 111    Ashton Jensen17:10.33.00:27.2
4. 116    Parker Rasmussen17:21.74.00:38.6
  Jason Manning        
  Tony Jeffs
9. 106    Ben Carson17:55.0(8.)01:11.9
25. 101    Jared Anderson18:25.4(24.)01:42.3
30. 115    Cole Phillippi18:30.7NS 01:47.6
51. 103    Parker Barnes18:54.3NS 02:11.2
53. 108    Talon Garrick18:55.2NS 02:12.1
63. 117    Ben Schellenberg19:14.9NS 02:31.8
64. 120    Samuel Williams19:15.3NS 02:32.2
70. 113    Collin Nielsen19:35.1NS 02:52.0
75. 107    Spencer Fong19:49.9NS 03:06.8
79. 105    Mark Carlisle19:53.7NS 03:10.6
109. 119    Parker Williams20:54.4NS 04:11.3
122. 114    Bryson Owen21:14.2NS 04:31.1
130. 102    Nathan Baird21:59.1NS 05:16.0

1.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:25:39.3)

The Girls Varsity team then qualified for State by winning with 24 points and 4 first team and 2 second team All-Region runners.
 1.  American Fork HS   24
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

2. 168    Cami Squires19:06.82.00:43.3Spread between the scoring runners00:25.6
3. 166    Sammy Hollingsworth19:13.13.00:49.6
5. 165    Lexie Green19:28.25.01:04.7
6. 164    Katie Cornell19:29.76.01:06.2
8. 162    Maddie Bench19:32.48.01:08.9
9. 167    Nikki Smith19:58.6(9.)01:35.1
16. 163    Katie Bradshaw20:22.9(16.)01:59.4

1.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:36:50.2)24

The Boys Varsity then highlighted the afternoon with a 15 point perfect score and a team time course record. Zac Jacklin set the boys course record by 7 seconds, beating Clayton Young's 15:36 from 2010.
 1.  American Fork HS   15
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

1. 125    Zac Jacklin15:29.01.NASpread between the scoring runners00:51.8
2. 122    Casey Clinger15:50.12.00:21.1
3. 126    McKay Johns15:56.83.00:27.8
4. 121    Jacob Chase16:15.94.00:46.9
5. 127    Joe Simmons16:20.85.00:51.8
14. 124    Connor Hoopes16:38.4(14.)01:09.4
18. 123    Hagen Harmer16:45.0(18.)01:16.0

1.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:19:52.6)15

Complete results on Runnercard

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Region 4 Championships

This Friday, we will be holding the Region 4 Championships at AFHS.
3:30 Girls JV
4:00 Boys JV
4:30 Girls Varsity
5:00 Boys Varsity
5:30 Awards

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Westlake Results

On Friday,  most of the team traveled to Westlake High School (the rest ran there) for the Westlake Invitational, It was extremely nice weather and our athletes earned many PR's on the fast, flat 3 mile course.
Girls JV won 3 individual awards and was top team score.
 1.  American Fork HS   20
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

1. 38    Kendra Heath19:53.61.NASpread between the scoring runners01:08.6
2. 49    Katy Phillippi19:56.52.00:02.9
3. 45    Madison Marrott20:10.73.00:17.1
7. 36    Anna Gunther20:42.36.00:48.7
9. 56    Andie Weight21:02.28.01:08.6
10. 34    Camille Garrett21:04.9(9.)01:11.3
11. 33    Malorie Finch21:08.0(10.)01:14.4
12. 30    Dani Christlieb21:09.8NS 01:16.2
13. 37    Hailey Heath21:15.9NS 01:22.3
18. 51    Emma Russell21:36.6NS 01:43.0
29. 41    Abbi Lamb22:04.8NS 02:11.2
39. 28    Heather Bergeson22:22.2NS 02:28.6
63. 53    Melissa Smith23:02.7NS 03:09.1
69. 43    Ashlynn Lee23:12.2NS 03:18.6
78. 26    Jessica Anderson23:24.5NS 03:30.9
81. 35    Kaylie Green23:30.1NS 03:36.5
92. 47    Scout McMillan23:42.3NS 03:48.7
105. 40    Rachel Isaacson24:04.8NS 04:11.2
114. 44    Candace Lundahl24:18.3NS 04:24.7
130. 46    Abigail McBride24:45.5NS 04:51.9
173. 52    Hannah Simmons25:48.2NS 05:54.6
214. 27    Emma Bench28:39.6NS 08:46.0
221. 39    Meg Ipson29:21.6NS 09:28.0

1.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:41:45.3)20

Boys JV had two individual medalists and the second best points score.
 2.  American Fork HS   60
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

4. 6    Ben Carson16:34.64.00:35.3Spread between the scoring runners00:50.0
5. 10    Tony Jeffs16:43.75.00:44.4
11. 1    Jared Anderson16:59.011.00:59.7
18. 13    Cole Phillippi17:19.018.01:19.7
22. 4    Parker Barnes17:24.622.01:25.3
55. 11    Collin Nielsen18:05.7(51.)02:06.4
64. 7    Spencer Fong18:20.4(55.)02:21.1
70. 17    Samuel Williams18:25.2NS 02:25.9
71. 5    Mark Carlisle18:28.6NS 02:29.3
80. 14    Ben Schellenberg18:37.5NS 02:38.2
110. 16    Parker Williams19:04.6NS 03:05.3
151. 3    Nathan Baird19:47.6NS 03:48.3
161. 12    Bryson Owen20:02.1NS 04:02.8

2.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:25:00.9)60

Girls Varsity had 6 medalists and won by 77 points.
 1.  American Fork HS   31
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

3. 64    Cami Squires17:50.33.00:24.3Spread between the scoring runners00:41.7
4. 62    Sammy Hollingsworth17:52.84.00:26.8
5. 58    Maddie Bench18:02.15.00:36.1
9. 61    Lexie Green18:27.49.01:01.4
10. 60    Katie Cornell18:32.010.01:06.0
22. 63    Nikki Smith19:08.3(22.)01:42.3
23. 59    Katie Bradshaw19:08.9(23.)01:42.9

1.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:30:44.6)31

Although we held out our top 5, the Varsity Boys team still won with 3 individual medalists.
 1.  American Fork HS   92
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

11. 20    Hagen Harmer15:33.111.00:36.2Spread between the scoring runners00:39.7
12. 21    Connor Hoopes15:33.312.00:36.4
14. 19    Daniel Bentley15:37.614.00:40.7
16. 25    Nathan Tracy15:42.616.00:45.7
39. 22    Ashton Jensen16:12.839.01:15.9
43. 24    Parker Rasmussen16:17.4(43.)01:20.5
48. 23    Jason Manning16:22.6(48.)01:25.7

1.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:18:39.4)92

At the  Notre Dame Invitational, alumnus Connor McMillan placed 27th overall (23:50 for 5 miles)
to help BYU to a second place finish on Friday.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Westlake Invitational

Tomorrow we will be running at Westlake High School. Just take Pioneer Crossing westbound and take a left.
The bus leaves AFHS at 2:30 PM. Athletes must ride the bus in order to compete. Parents can take their athletes home after their cooldown and if a coach is notified.
Girls JV - 4:00 PM
Boys JV - 4:45 PM
Girls Varsity - 5:30 PM
Boys Varsity - 6:00 PM

Monday, September 29, 2014

Southwest Regionals Course at Casa Grande

Video of the course for this year's NXN Southwest Regionals Championship

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nebo Invitational Results

The boys team raced yesterday at Salem Hills High School at the Nebo Invitational. The course measured at 2.962 miles.
The boys varsity team won the 26 team meet with only 24 points.
1.Casey Clinger, 14:50
3.Zac Jacklin, 14:52
4.McKay Johns, 15:04
6.Jacob Chase, 15:28
10.Joe Simmons, 15:37
26.Hagen Harmer, 16:10
33.Nathan Tracy, 16:12

The boys JV won with 16 points and with 6 medalists:
1.Connor Hoopes, 16:06
2.Daniel Bentley, 16:13
3.Ashton Jensen, 16:20
4.Parker Rasmussen, 16:27
6.Jason Manning, 16:38
10.Tony Jeffs, 17:05

18.J.Anderson, 17:35
36.Dillon Stone, 17:45
37.Talon Garrick, 17:47
51.Parker Barnes, 18:03
75. Collin Nielsen, 18:54
105.Parker Williams, 19:37
107.Bryson Owen, 19:42
140.Nate Baird, 20:21

In the Frosh/Soph race, the Cavemen showed improvement with two medal winners:
3.Ben Carson, 17:21
8.Cole Phillippi, 17:51
45.Samuel Williams, 18:38
60.Ben Schellenberg, 18:56
83.Mason Wright, 19:27
87.Spencer Fong, 19:30

Full Results

Bob Firman Invitational Results

The girls went up to Boise, Idaho for the Bob Firman Invitational held today at the 5000m course at Eagle Island State Park. The girls varsity team placed 2nd in the elite division behind Davis. Results
11.Cami Squires, 18:31.7
14.Sammy Hollingsworth, 18:36.8
16.Maddie Bench, 18:48.5
28.Katie Cornell, 19:14.5
29.Lexie Green, 19:16.5
42.Nikki Smith, 19:39.3
47.Katie Bradshaw, 19:45.6

The JV girls that went up ran in the Division 1 Varsity race.
44.Katy Phillippi, 20:30.6
66.Kendra Heath, 20:52.4
68.Madison Marrott, 20:55.4
102.Malorie Finch, 21:37.9
109.Anna Gunther, 21:42.6
121.Camille Garrett, 21:58.2
129.Andie Weight, 22:03.0

In Minnesota at the Roy Griak Invitational, alumna Diane Leach placed 177th with a time of 23:24 for Utah Sate University.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This Weekend's Meets

The top 14 girls will be traveling this weekend to Boise, Idaho for the Bob Firman Invitational .

The boys will be traveling to Salem Hills High School on Friday to compete at the Nebo Invitational.

American Fork High School
510 Caveman Blvd, American Fork, UT 84003

Get on I-15 S from N 500 E
2.5 mi / 6 min

Follow I-15 S to Spanish Fork. Take exit 257 B-A from I-15 S
18.9 mi / 17 min

Follow N Main St and UT-198 W to your destination in Salem
5.3 mi / 9 min

Turn left onto N Main St
2.7 mi
Continue onto UT-198 W/S State Rd

Continue to follow UT-198 W
2.4 mi
Turn right at N 100 W
0.1 mi
Salem Hills High School
150 Skyhawk Blvd, Salem, UT 84653
These directions are for planning purposes only. You may find that construction projects, traffic, weather, or other 
The bus leaves AFHS at 2:30 PM. Athletes must ride up on the bus in order to compete. Parents may take home their athlete after the 2 mile cool down and if you notify Coach Mostert.

Frosh/Soph JV Boys Race(if necessary) 4:00pm
 Jr/Sr JV Girls Race 4:30 pm
 Jr/Sr JV Boys Race 5:00 pm
 Varsity Girls Race 5:30pm

 Varsity Boys Race 6:00pm
On Saturday, The boys team will meet at AFHS at 7:00 AM to travel to Salt Lake City to tour the State Championships course. We need parents to drive.