Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Pre-Region IV Meet

Thanks to all the people from each school who helped in the chute and with the results boards. The results are at this Link. Team scores were not kept. A storm was coming in, so we got strong Northerly winds reminiscent of the winds at last year's NXN-SW Meet. Rain started about 18 minutes into the boys race.

Monday, August 28, 2017

This Week's Meets

On Wednesday, we will be hosting the Pre-Region IV meet at AFHS. Girls will run at 7:00 PM, and the Boys will run at 7:30 PM.

On Saturday, the Boys will be running at the Utah County Invitational to be held at Lakeside Sports Park, 400 S. 1850 W. in Orem. The bus will leave AFHS at 7:45 AM. All athletes must ride on the bus in order to compete. Parents may take their athlete home after the team cooldown, and if Coach Mostert has been notified.
Utah County Invitational
9:10 Frosh/Soph Boys Race
10:20 Varsity Boys Race
11:20 Junior/Senior Boys Race
12:00 Awards

Westlake Grass Relays Results

Both the Boys and Girls Varsity relay squads placed 2nd last Saturday at the Westlake Grass Relays. We're waiting for complete and correct results (computer problems with bib number assignments).
Current results Link

Boys Varsity Relay:
1st - Springville, 52:12
2nd American Fork, 52:34
Dalton Brems, 13th, 10:24.8
Aaron Steed, 6th, 10:16.8
Carson Clinger, 9th, 10:20.4
Luke Grundvig, 33rd, 10:47.2
Cole Phillippi, 31st, 10:45.2

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Westlake Grass Relays

The Cavemen will participate this Saturday at the Westlake Grass Relays. All athletes must ride on the bus to the meet. It will leave AFHS at 6:30 AM. Parents may take their athlete home after their races and team cooldown run.
To get to Westlake High School, take Pioneer Crossing (Main Street in AF) Westbound.  Turn left on Redwood Road, and right at the next light.

8:00 A.M.: Girls J.V. 2 Mile Race-Frosh/Soph

8:20 A.M.: Boys J.V. 2 Mile Race -Freshman
8:40 A.M.: Boys J.V. 2 Mile Race -Sophomore

9:00 A.M.: Girls J.V. 2 Mile Race-Jr./Sr.

9:20 A.M.: Boys J.V. 2 Mile Race -Jr./Sr.

9:40 A.M.: Girls Varsity Relay (Top 5 Girls, 2 Miles Each Leg)

11:00 A.M.: Boys Varsity Relay (Top 5 Boys, 2 Miles Each Leg)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Highland Invitational Results

The Girls placed 2nd out of 30 teams at the Highland Invitational to begin their competitive season.
Complete Results The course was 2.82 miles at Sugarhouse Park.

Girls Varsity: 2.American Fork, 143
4.Lexi Wright, 17:49.1
29.Madison Hess, 19:06.1
42.Brooklyn Hopkins, 19:19.9
43.Mackenzie Hess, 19:20.8
45.Lacie Evans, 19:23.5
47.Samantha Stokes, 19:24.7
50.Lily Nettesheim, 19:27.1

Freshman Girls: 3rd out of 9 teams, 82 points
1.Brooke Hansen, 20:22.4
8.Sariah Jackson, 21:15.8
14.Kayley Kerr, 21:43.7
64.Brynn Hull, 26:03.2
96.Ce'Nedra Hooley, 28:24.1

JV Girls: 1st of 32 Teams, 56 points.
2.Hailey Hess, 19:58.4
10.Cassidy Elmont, 20:44.2
11.Shayla Hendricks, 20:45.5
17.Elyse Orton, 21:11.1
21.Rebecca Teeples, 21:27.7
36.Allie Green, 21:46.7
48.Scout McMillan, 22:27.7
60.Kileyann Wilson, 22:41.1
73.Brook Stratton, 23:10.5
76.Ashlynn Lee, 23:13.6
85.Jane Hansen, 23:32.
106.Rylee Bateman, 24:10.4
110.Melanie Rosa, 24:16.2
112.Chelda Lunt, 24:18.6
121.Dani Christlieb, 24:35.7
147.Adrianna Cluff, 25:20.6
169.Indigo McMillan, 26:09.3

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Highland Invitational

This Thursday, August 17th, the Girls team is beginning their competitive season at the Highland Invitational. It will be held at Sugarhouse Park (1300 E. 2100 S. in Salt lake City). The bus will be leaving at 1:30 PM from AFHS. Athletes must drive up on the bus in order to race. Athletes missing the bus will not be allowed to compete. Parents may take their athletes home after their team cooldown, and if a coach has been notified.
Meet Schedule:
3:25 PM - Frosh Girls
4:15 PM - Sophomore Girls
5:15 PM - JV Girls
6:10 PM - Varsity Girls
6:40 PM - Awards Ceremony

Thursday, August 10, 2017

2-Mile Time Trial

The boys had their pre-season 2-mile time trial on the AF grass relays course today. It was hot and sunny.
Results: (2016 Time)
1.Dalton Brems, 10:30.6 (11:00.2)
2.Aaron Steed, 10:40.9 (11:25.3)
3.Carson Clinger, 10:53.2
4.Cole Phillippi, 10:53.4 (11:12.2)
5.Luke Grundvig, 10:55.8 (12:25.5)
6.Alex Garces, 11:00.6 (11:42.8)
7.Ben McBride, 11:04.0
8.Justin Herzog, 11:07.0 (11:28.6)
9. Nathan Hess, 11:11.1
10.Andrew Baird, 11:15.5 (11:43.5)
11.Aidan Nielsen, 11:28.1 (12:48.1)
12.Joseph Corbridge, 11:37.7
13.Logan Evans, 11:47.9
14.Dylan Rawlings, 12:03.4
15.Caleb Westover, 12:08.5 (12:51.4)
16.Tyson Williams, 12:16.3 (14:12.1)
17.Ryan Jolley, 12:16.5
18.Kooper Dibb, 12:20.5
19.Brayden Blackhurst, 13:06.6
20.Matthew Rasmussen, 13:36.0
21.Samuel Nelson, 13:44.4

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Monday Reminder

We will be running at Westlake HS on Monday, so we need to meet at AFHS at 6:30 AM to make it to Westlake by 7:00 AM.

Also, all athletes, make sure to have all physicals and concussion training certificates uploaded to This has to be completed IMMEDIATELY!