Tuesday, September 2, 2014

National and Regional Rankings

I decided to wait until most of the important National Rankings had been posted (Running Times hasn't posted theirs yet).

Girls National Rankings:
Dyestat 49th
Milesplit NR
Bill Meylan 39th
XCNation 22nd

Regional Rankings:
Milesplit 5th
Dyestat NR

Boys National Rankings:
Dyestat 3rd
Milesplit 3rd
Bill Meylan 3rd
XCNation 10th

Regional Rankings:
Milesplit 1st
Dyestat 1st

Monday, September 1, 2014

Meets This Week

American Fork High School will be hosting the Region IV Pre-Region Meet this Wednesday. Girls will be racing at 7:00 PM, while the boys will be racing at 7:30 PM. Athletes need to be at AFHS at 6:00 PM (time on the schedule) in their uniforms for team photos and race warmups.

The boys JV will be racing this Friday at Rock Canyon Park in Provoa at the Provo Bulldog Invite.
The bus will leave AFHS at 3:30 PM. The JV will race at 5:00 PM, the top JV (running in the varsity race) will run at 6:00 PM. Athletes must ride up on the bus in order to compete. You may take your son home after their team cooldown and if you notify Coach Mostert.

Casey Clinger got some National love on Milesplit today in an article about top Sophomores in the  Nation.
(McKay Johns should be on that list, too.)

Grass Relays Results

The Cavemen began the Labor Day weekend with a big bang at the 19th Annual American Fork Grass Relays. The boys varsity relay team won their 6th straight title, while the girls relay team won their first title in record time.

We would like to thank all the parents, alumni, custodians,and others who helped make the meet and concession stand/registration go so smoothly. We would also like to thank Bruce Huggard for lending us 80 bales of hay for the course. This was his 16th year for helping us out.

Girls Frosh/Soph Race:
Cami Squires won the first race of the day in a time of 12:21. She was followed by award winners Katie Bradshaw in 2nd place (13:06), Bonnie Schellenberg in 4th place (13:25), Madison Marrott in 8th place (13:39), and Katy Phillippi in 9th place (13:46).
Also competing for the Lady Cavemen:
18.Kendra Heath, 14:16
22.Stormy Watson, 14:29
23.Dani Christlieb, 14:33
28.Ashlynn Lee, 14:41
88.Rachel Isaacson, 16:14
101.Hannah Simmons, 16:31
160.Meg Ipsen, 19:45
162.Emma Bench, 19:48

Boys Frosh/Soph Race:
22.Ben Carson, 11:54
50.Cole Phillippi, 12:21
58.Mason Wright, 12:30
64.Ben Schellenberg, 12:38
65.Samuel Williams, 12:38
120.Spencer Fong, 13:22

Girls Junior/Senior Race:
NIkki Smith was the second race champion for the Lady Cavemen in a time of 12:31. She was followed by award winner Anna Gunther in 5th (13:33).
Also competing for the Lady Cavemen:
16.Camille Garrett, 14:02
21.Hailey Heath, 14:18
27.Payton Pryor, 14:24
39.Malorie Finch, 14:46
42.Andie Weight, 14:51
44.Abbi Lamb, 14:54
58.Courtney Cox, 15:17
74.Abi Dean, 15:33
76.Heather Bergeson, 15:34
83.Melissa Smith, 15:48
87.Jessica Anderson, 15:50
95.Rachel Brantley, 15:57
100.Scout McMillan, 16:01
134.Abby McBride, 16:44
145.Candace Lundahl, 17:01
158.Alexis McNall, 17:28
212.Allison Lawrence, 20:35

Boys Junior Senior Race:
The boys won 6 medals in the last JV race of the day led by Joseph Simmons' win in 10:36. He was followed by Hagen Harmer in 2nd (10:43), Connor Hoopes in 4th (10:48), Nathan Tracy in 5th (10:49), Jason Manning in 8th (10:53), and Ashton Jensen in 9th (10:54). Their top 5 cumulative time of 53:49 would have placed 5th in the varsity relay.
Also Competing for the Cavemen:
16.Parker Rasmussen, 11:08
20.Tony Jeffs, 11:19
27.Jonah Hickman, 11:29
49.Jared Anderson, 11:55
53.Mark Carlisle, 11:58
71.Dillon Stone, 12:12
83.Collin Nielsen, 12:21
102.Talon Garrick, 12:31
134.Parker Barnes, 12:59
147.Bryson Owen, 13:09
154.Tyler Henderson, 13:14
169.Parker Williams, 13:24
187.Nate Baird, 13:37

Girls Varsity Relay:
The girls varsity team ran a team time of  62:03, which broke the record of 62:32 set by Bingham in 1999.
Sammy Hollingsworth set of on the first leg with a 7th fastest split of 12:07. She handed off to Maddie Bench who moved the team up from 6th to 1st place with a split of 12:18, the 12th fastest split of the day. She handed off to Lexie Green who enlarged the lead from 1 to 10 seconds with a split of 12:35. Sophie Baird then enlarged the lead to 1:06 with a split of 12:34. Katie Cornell then finished off with a split of 12:25 to give the Lady Cavemen a 1:12 win.

Boys Varsity Relay:
The boys finished off the day in commanding fashion, missing the team time record by 2 seconds. Zac Jacklin started off with the fastest split of the day, and the 3rd fastest ever, in 9:57. He gave Casey Clinger a 14 second lead. Casey ran the 2nd fastest split of the day of 10:04 and handed off with a 53 second lead. Jacob Chase expanded the lead to 1:24 with a 10:25 third leg (8th fastest). Desert Hills tried to catch up and made back 36 seconds as Daniel Bentley ran 11:10 for his leg. McKay Johns received the baton and ran the 3rd fastest split of the day in 10:10, finishing in 51:48.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


AFHS will host the 19th Annual Grass Relays this Saturday at AFHS. We appreciate all the parents and alumni willing to help put on this meet. We are expecting around 30 teams.
A link to the complete results will be posted on this blog as well as on the AFXC website.

Meet Information

DATE: Saturday, August 30th ,2014
WHERE: American Fork High School, 510 N. 600 E. American Fork, Utah. Bus Parking South of the School.

7:00-8:00 A.M.: Registration 8:00 A.M.: Girls J.V. 2 Mile Race-Frosh/Soph
8:25 A.M.: Boys J.V. 2 Mile Race -Frosh/Soph
8:40 A.M.: Girls J.V. 2 Mile Race-Jr./Sr.
9:00 A.M.: Boys J.V. 2 Mile Race -Jr./Sr.
9:15 A.M.: Girls Varsity Relay ( Top 5 Girls, 2 Miles Each Leg)
10:35 A.M.: Boys Varsity Relay (Top 5 Boys, 2 Miles Each Leg)
TAGS: Pins and tags will be provided. Varsity Tags are color coded by leg. You can make your J.V. tags in advance in any color.

Don’t forget to bring batons.

J.V.: Awards to top 10 finishers in each J.V.race. Please do not enter your varsity runners in the JV race Varsity: Trophies to top 5 teams, boys and girls. Individual awards to 15 fastest relay legs in each race.
COURSE: 1 mile grass loop (spikes recommended) , lots of hay bales. Records: Boys:9:41 - Luke Puskedra, Judge Memorial, 2007. Girls: 11:36 - Summer Harper, Orem, 2012.

 LOOK AT OUR Grass Relays All-Time List

$40 Boys Team , $40 Girls Team Make Checks Payable to :
 American Fork High School
510 N. 600 E.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Highland Invitational

On Thursday the girls began their competitive season at the Highland Invitational at Sugarhouse Park, the site of the State Championships. The course was 2.9 miles long. The girls showed their depth and strength in all three races.

The varsity team placed 2nd out of 27 teams with 59 points; only 12 points behind champion Davis High School.
 2.  American Fork HS   59
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

7. 2049    Sammy Hollingsworth17:57.95.00:30.4Spread between the scoring runners00:41.0
12. 2047    Katie Cornell18:09.49.00:41.9
15. 2046    Maddie Bench18:23.712.00:56.2
17. 2045    Sophie Baird18:26.014.00:58.5
22. 2048    Lexie Green18:38.919.01:11.4
23. 2050    Cami Squires18:39.8(20.)01:12.3
32. 2051    Lexie Wright19:12.1(29.)01:44.6

2.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:31:35.9)59

The JV Girls also took 2nd place with 82 points; 27 behind Davis.
 2.  American Fork HS   82
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

1. 2042    Nikki Smith19:09.71.NASpread between the scoring runners02:40.9
5. 2033    Anna Gunther19:52.24.00:42.5
26. 2044    Andie Weight21:28.321.02:18.6
27. 2031    Camille Garrett21:28.622.02:18.9
39. 2030    Malorie Finch21:50.634.02:40.9
45. 2035    Abbi Lamb22:01.0(40.)02:51.3
48. 2034    Hailey Heath22:10.0(43.)03:00.3
76. 2028    Heather Bergeson22:54.7NS 03:45.0
85. 2029    Courtney Cox23:09.1NS 03:59.4
93. 2027    Jessica Anderson23:14.4NS 04:04.7
94. 2040    Payton Pryor23:18.9NS 04:09.2
120. 2041    Melissa Smith23:52.6NS 04:42.9
147. 2038    Abigail McBride24:36.0NS 05:26.3
178. 2037    Candace Lundahl25:43.7NS 06:34.0
192. 2039    Alexis McNall26:13.8NS 07:04.1

2.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:43:49.4)82

In the Girls Freshman/Sophomore race, the Lady Cavemen came away victorious with 41 points; beating Timpanogos by 12 points and Davis by 63.

 1.  American Fork HS   41
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

1. 2015    Katie Bradshaw19:29.91.NASpread between the scoring runners01:17.3
5. 2025    Bonnie Schellenberg20:02.15.00:32.2
12. 2017    Kendra Heath20:38.010.01:08.1
14. 2021    Madison Marrott20:46.912.01:17.0
15. 2023    Katy Phillippi20:47.213.01:17.3
24. 2016    Dani Christlieb21:34.5(20.)02:04.6
39. 2026    Stormy Watson22:07.7(33.)02:37.8
43. 2024    Emma Russell22:11.3NS 02:41.4
70. 2020    Ashlynn Lee23:00.2NS 03:30.3
88. 2022    Scout McMillan23:35.9NS 04:06.0
128. 2019    Rachel Isaacson25:02.2NS 05:32.3
152. 2014    Emma Bench25:50.0NS 06:20.1
226. 2018    Meg Ipson30:04.1NS 10:34.2

1.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:41:44.1)41
Congratulations to Katie Bradshaw and Nikki Smith for winning their respective JV races.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Highland Invitational

Tomorrow the girls team will be running at the Highland Invitational in Salt Lake City. The bus will leave AFHS at 2:30 PM. All girls must ride on the bus to the meet. Parents may take home their athlete if they've told a coach and after their cooldown run (the girls, not the parents).
The meet is held in Sugarhouse Park.
Take I-15 Northnbound.
Take I-80 Eastbound.
Take 13th East exit and turn North.
Parking will be limited in the park. You might have to park at Highland High School.
Frosh/Soph Boys - 4:00 pm
Frosh/Soph Girls - 4:25 pm
JV Boys - 4:50 pm
JV Girls - 5:15 pm
Varsity Boys - 5:45 pm
Varsity Girls - 6:10 pm 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Southwest US Pre-Season Rankings

Milesplit published their Pre-Season rankings for the Southwest US Region today. The boys enter the season with a unanimous #1 by the panel of 10 Regional coaches. The girls begin the season with a #5 ranking. This is their highest pre-season ranking, ever.