Monday, November 23, 2020

ASD Recognition

 The Alpine School District will be recognizing the Boys' Team win at the RunningLane Cross-Country Championships held last Saturday in Huntsville, Alabama at their weekly school board meeting this Tuesday, November 24th. The meeting can be viewed online HERE beginning at 6:00 PM.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Covid-19 Workouts Week #3

 Mon-Wed. Mornings: 30 min. recovery run

Mon. PM: Hoggard's Farm, Stride Laps, Lift if possible.

Tues.PM: 1 mile warmup, 5X1000 @ 3 mile race pace, 4 min. rest, 2 mile cooldown. Mega-Abs

Wed. PM: Capillary Run - Longhorn Ranch

Thurs. AM: Only run of the day -Elk Farm, Stride Laps, (No Turkey Bowl!)

Fri. PM: 1 mile warmup, 4X800 @ 3 mile race pace, 3:30 rest, 2 mile cooldown.

Sat. AM: 6 Easy

Hopefully we can begin meeting again beginning Monday Morning Nov. 30th.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Running Lane XC Championships Results

 The American Fork XC Club came away victorious at the Running Lane Cross Country Championships this morning at Huntsville Alabama with 75 points. Second place was Niwot , Co. with 88 points. Third was Mountain Vista, Co. with 104 points, and 4th was Skyridge with 105 points. The course was 5000 meters long. The team time of 75:05 is a low-altitude school record.

3.Nate Jaster, 14:35.31
11.Brayden Packard, 14:43.83
53.Samuel Nelson, 15:12.29
56.Kooper Dibb, 15:14.44
64.Jayden Fitzgarrald, 15:19.08
96.Lucas Peck, 15:33.20
115.Nate Hess, 15:44.38

In the Girls Gold Race, Avalon Mecham placed 4th in 17:05.55, and Avery Moore was 34th in 18:13.83.

Friday, November 20, 2020


 Several Varsity Cavemen are racing tomorrow at the Running Lane Cross Country Championships held in Huntsville, Alabama. The Boys Varsity team of Brayden Packard, Nathan Jaster, Samuel Nelson, Kooper Dibb, Jayden Fitzgarrald, Lucas Peck, and Nathan Hess will be racing as the American Fork XC Club. They will be in the Gold Race at 9:00 AM EST (7:00 AM MST). Avalon Mecham and Avery Moore will be running in the Girls' Gold Race at 9:30 EST (7:30 MST).

Meet Website

Live Coverage

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Covid-19 Workouts Week #2

 M-F Morning: 30 min. recovery run, 10-20-40

Afternoon Workouts:

Monday: Purple Turtle. Stride Laps. Lift if possible.

Tuesday:  1 mile warmup. 3X1200 in neighborhood, 4:30 rest. 2 mile cooldown. Mega-Abs.

 Wednesday: Silo, Stride Laps. Lift if possible

Thursday: J.V. -1 mile warmup, 5XGunther's Hill, 2 mile cooldown. Mega-Abs. 
                 Varsity - 1 mile warmup, 4X400 @75, 2:30 rest, 3 mile cooldown.

Friday: J.V. - MRJHS, stride laps. 
             Varsity - Course tour, pullouts.

Saturday: J.V. - 3 mile time trial @ Art Dye Park.
                 Varsity - 5K Race , Huntsville, Al.

Racing at Sea-Level: There is about a 22 second altitude adjustment for a race at sea-level, so plan your mile splits accordingly. You will be able to breathe! Be in the front half of the blob that first mile; too slow and you won't be able to move into the lead pack during the second mile. Negative splits.

We will be planning a 5K race on the AFHS track on December 5th, so we will keep training through that date. After Thanksgiving, there's a chance we will be able to meet for practice.


Monday, November 9, 2020

Covid-19 Workouts Week #1

 Because of the Governor's mandates issued last night, we are no longer able to meet as a club team for the next two weeks minimum, so I will post our workouts here. It is up to the individual athlete to motivate himself to do all workouts.

  "Each of us are building our own house.  Sometimes you might think you are building for your school...or your team, but you are always building your own house...I hope you build wisely." -Joshua Metcalf

Week #1 (Nov. 9-14) Mon.-Fri. AM - 30 min. recovery run, 10-20-40
Mon. PM: The Grinder (last one), lift if possible.
Tues.PM: 1 mile warmup, 3X1 mile at sea-level goal race pace at Hospital, 2 mile cooldown, mega-abs.
Wed.PM: Flagpole, stride laps, lift if possible.
Thurs.PM: Lehi N. State Capillary Run, mega-abs.
Fri. PM: 1 mile warmup, 8X400 (7 up, 1 down) on 7th N. by Evergreen Park. 2:30 rest, 2 mile cooldown,     lift if possible.
Sat. AM: PG Cemetery

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Border Wars Qualifier Results

 The Cavemen began their post-season today at the Border Wars Qualifier held at the Spanish Fork Sports Park. It was 55 degrees and windy (15 mph) with a smattering of rain. The course was grass and measured 5000 meters.  Full Results

Girls Frosh/Soph Results: The girls won the 7 team race with 134 runners with 26 points. Corner Canyon was 2nd with 44 and Lone Peak 3rd with 67 points. Team time was 101:41.
2.Alyssa Kleinman, 19:50.6
7.Lily Jensen, 20:19.5
8.Millie Baird, 20:20.6
10.Tori Stratton, 20:23.8
14.Natalia Boltz, 20:46.4
19.Kaylee Hollingsworth, 21:00.2
20.Milly Wood, 21:028
30.Brielle Lee, 21:28.4
51.Kennadee Bushman, 22:078
61.Jenna Corbridge, 22:40.7
85.Eleanor Borget, 23:46.5
115.Shelby Clegg, 25:51.7

Boys Frosh/Soph Results: The boys won the 16 team race with 191 runners with 30 points.
 Lone Peak was 2nd with 82 and Timpanogos 3rd with 93 points. Team time was 85:53.
1.Seth Smith, 16:49.3
4.Chase Pack, 17:08.3
5.Ben Bradshaw, 17:10.5
6.Ben Jaster, 17:13.1
15.Dylan Crowther, 17:31.8
29.Kyler Nelson, 17:46.8
59.Bridger Karren, 18:38.5
81.Ryker Shanklin, 19:10.2
129.Derek Corbridge, 20:02.1

Girls Junior/Senior Results: The Girls placed 2nd in the 11 team, 123 runner race with 55 points. Springville won with 23 points, while Lone Peak was 3rd with 80 points. Team time was 103:47.
4.Kailey Hopkins, 19:29.7
10.Aubrey Westover, 20:38.2
14.Alyssa Stratton, 20:59.7
19.Sariah Jackson, 21:09.3
30.Abigail DeOliveira, 21:30.9
41.Jenna Lee, 21:48.4
59.Anna Harrison, 22:31.4
60.Kayley Kerr, 22:33.4
83.Hailey Derrington, 23:50.6
87.Melia Grundvig, 23:59.3

Boys Junior/Senior Results: The Boys placed 1st in the 13 team, 159 runner race with 42 points. Farmington was 2nd with 94 points. Team time was 83:55
1.Tim Spiesman, 16:11.9
4.Will Merkley, 16;43.1
13.Chase Evans, 16:58.3
14.Joshua Hernandez, 17:00.4
16.Jared Thomas, 17:00.9
21.Ethan Herzog, 17:10.1
23.Kaden Pack, 17:12.6
37.Cooper Pack, 17:31.6
49.Ashton Miller, 17:49.9
56.Andrew Abel, 17:58.2
66.Warren Hansen, 18:17.8
83.McKay Miner, 18:37.2

Girls Varsity Results:  The Girls placed 3rd in the 30 team, 204 runner race with 131 points. Lone Peak was 1st with 90 and Springville 2nd with 92 points. Team time was 94:39.6.
3.Avalon Mecham, 17:56.4
22.Avery Moore, 18:48.5
32.Natalie Jensen, 19:04.5
45.Hazel Baird, 19:20.4
51.Sadie Hess, 19:29.7
64.Audrey Wright, 19:41.9
82.Abigail Barlow, 19:55.5

Boys Varsity Results: The Boys placed 1st in the 27 team, 203 runner race with 69 points. Orem was 2nd with 90 and Skyridge (N. Lehi) 3rd with 128 points. Team time was 77:25.8.
1.Brayden Packard, 15:05.7
7.Nathan Jaster, 15:19.7
14.Samuel Nelson, 15:31.8
17.Jayden Fitzgarrald, 15:38.3
30.Kooper Dibb, 15:50.3
56.Lucas Peck, 16:05.3
72.Nate Hess, 16:19.5