Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Grinder

The team is still doing the Grinder during track pre-season. Congratulations to Natalie Jensen, who just earned her "I Conquered The Grinder" t-shirt. Natalie ran 10:24 today.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

End of Year Rankings

The Boys Team finished the season ranked 7th in the Nation. This is the 10th year in a row with a national ranking:
1996 GIRLS- 9TH (Harrier)
2009 BOYS- 8TH (NXN)
2010 BOYS- 8TH (NXN)
2011 BOYS- 6TH (NXN)
2012 BOYS- 2ND (NXN), GIRLS- Honorable Mention (Milesplit)
2013 BOYS- 7TH (NXN)
2014 BOYS- 5TH (NXN), GIRLS- 22ND (NXN)
2015 BOYS- 2ND (NXN), GIRLS- 6TH (NXN)
2016 BOYS - 2ND (NXN), GIRLS - 30th (Dyestat)
2017 BOYS - 27TH (Dyestat)

2018 BOYS - 7TH (NXN)

This was also the 12th year in a row that the Boys Team have been ranked in the Southwest US, as well as 7th in a row for the Girls Team:
2004- BOYS 6TH
2007- BOYS 10TH
2008- BOYS 4TH
2009- BOYS 1ST , GIRLS 7TH
2010- BOYS 1ST
2011- BOYS 1ST
2012- BOYS 1ST , GIRLS 9TH
2013- BOYS 1ST , GIRLS 5TH
2018 - BOYS 2ND, GIRLS 17TH

Luke Grundvig ranked 63rd in the Nation on Dyestat after leading the Cavemen with a 40th place finish at NXN and an 8th place finish at NXN-SW.

Indoor Track Club begins on January 3rd. Distance athletes should be done with their active rest period and be beginning their base training. All track information will be on our Track and Field Blog.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Junior Olympics

Congratulations to Freshman Jayden Fitzgarrald. He placed 2nd  in the Intermediate (age 13-14) age group at the 2018 USATF Junior Olympics National Cross Country Championships held in Reno, Nevada.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Footlocker West Results

Most of the Cavemen participated this last Saturday at the Footlocker West Regionals held at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California. Full Results

Open Race:
71.Dylan Crowther, 19:50.1

Freshman Boys
7.Jayden Fitzgarrald, 17:11.6
13.Kaden Pack, 17:31.1
39.Will Merkley, 18:14.1
55.Cooper Pack, 18:46.3
99.Chase Evans, 19:42.6
119.Ethan Herzog, 20:11.5

Sophomore Boys
29.Kooper Dibb, 17:06.9
36.Nate Hess, 17:12.3
45.Ryan Jolley, 17:20.7
53.Samuel Nelson, 17:32.5
88.Brayden Blackhurst, 18:02.7
185.Ashton Miller, 19:20.0
211.Lucas Peck, 19:37.4
218.Andrew Abel, 19:42.1
299.Jared Leavitt, 21:01.6
415.Mackay Walker, 26:13.5

Junior Boys
4.Dylan Rawlings, 16:40.3
6.Ben McBride, 16:44.1
26.Thomas Dougherty, 17:13.3
157.Caleb Crowther, 18:55.7

Senior Boys
13.Andrew Baird, 16:47.8
14.Aidan Nielsen, 16:49.5
17.Nathan Wright, 16:57.4
81.Justin Herzog, 18:11.4
120.Andrew Jolley, 18:41.7
179.Caleb Westover, 19:30.0
210.Mason McQuivey, 20:06.8
249.Tyson Williams, 20:47.7
251.Jordan Schanze, 20:50.1
259.Bryson Allred, 20:59.8

Boys Championship Race:
150.Logan Evans, 17:19.3

Freshman Girls
5.Hazel Baird, 19:35.0
17.Kailey Hopkins, 20:26.8
20.Sadie Hess, 20:31.7
39.Alyssa Stratton, 21:25.5
74.Abigail Barlow, 22:50.2
92.Sara Corey, 23:40.6
116.Hailey Derington, 25:04.8

Sophomore Girls:
30.Kayley Kerr, 20:44.0
59.Emmy Barton, 21:31.8
72.Sariah Jackson, 21:58.0
73.Brooke Hansen, 21:59.8
101.Aubrey Westover, 22:50.7
194.Megan Stoker, 26:03.7

Junior Girls:
12.Samantha Stokes, 20:19.0
30.Danielle Shock, 20:53.1
61.Jane Hansen, 21:50.3
121.Chelda Lunt, 23:32.1

Senior Girls:
6.Hailey Hess, 19:54.3
8.Madison Hess, 19:58.1
9.Lily Nettesheim, 19:59.8
22.Mackenzie Hess, 20:27.9
26.Cassidy Elmont, 20:31.7
31.Shayla Hendricks, 20:39.2
38.Allie Green, 20:56.8
46.Brook Stratton, 21:07.0
50.Becca Teeples, 21:16.1
165.Rylee Bateman, 25:27.3
167.Adrianna Cluff, 25:31.6

Nike Cross Nationals Results

The Boys finished their season with a 7th place finish yesterday at the Nike Cross Nationals in Portland, Oregon. This is the 9th time, out of 9 trips, where the Cavemen have finished in the top 8 in the U.S.

40.Luke Grundvig, 15:39.2
59.Dalton Brems, 15:49.5
64.Carson Clinger, 15:52.5
130.Ethan Kelley, 16:26.8
146.Ashton Hysell, 16:35.1
157.Kobe Serrano, 16:48.3
182.Aaron Steed, 17:03.8

Monday, November 26, 2018

Footlocker West Regionals

The Girls team and the Boys JV will be participating this Saturday at the Footlocker West Regionals at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California. They will be traveling with Canyon View High School.

Information Page


The boys will be competing at NXN for the 9th time in the past 10 years. Only 22 boys teams qualify out of approximately 14,500 programs in the U.S.

Athlete Itinerary and Schedule

Parking at the Tiger Woods Center on the Nike Campus

NXN Participant Travel Protocol

Link to Saturday's Live Webcast.