Tuesday, September 19, 2017

This Week's races

The top girls will be racing in Boise, Idaho at the Bob Firman Invitational on Saturday.
The 5000m course is at Eagle Island State Park. Link to Bob Firman Website

On Friday, the boys team will be racing at the Nebo Invitational at Maple Mountain High School. The bus will leave AFHS at 2:30 PM. Athletes must ride on the bus in order to compete. parents may take thier athletes home after the team cooldown if Coach Mostert has been notified.
The Nebo XC Invitational will be held at Maple Mountain High School Spanish Fork, Utah 
Friday September 22nd 2017 

Frosh/Soph Girls Race Start Time: 3:30pm
Frosh/Soph Boys Race Start Time: 4:05pm
JV Girls Race Start Time: 4:30pm
JV Boys Race Start Time: 5:05pm
Varsity Girls Race Start Time: 5:35pm
Varsity Boys Race Start Time: 6:05pm

Saturday, September 16, 2017

BYU Autumn Classic Results

The Cavemen participated this morning at the BYU Autumn Classic held at the Eastbay Golf Course in Provo. The weather was calm, cool, and sunny on the 3.00 mile grass course. Full Results

Boys Frosh/Soph: The boys placed 2nd out of 33 teams and 402 runners with 81 points behind Davis (40 points).
1.Ben McBride, 16:14
4.Nathan Hess, 16:28
19.Dylan Rawlings, 16:51
34.Kooper Dibb, 17:12
37.Ryan Jolley, 17:16
39.Caleb Crowther, 17:18
42.Samuel Nelson, 17:21
261.Jared Leavitt, 20:34

Girls Frosh/Soph: The girls placed 2nd out of 25 teams and 285 runners with 121 points behind Lone Peak (80 points).
4.Brooke Hansen, 19:27
5.Brooklyn Hopkins, 19:37
12.Kayley Kerr, 20:05
32.Sariah Jackson, 20:52
81.Rebekah Chase, 22:14
108.Jane Hansen, 22:53
127.Indigo McMillan, 23:19
132.Chelda Lunt, 23:24
169.Ce'Nedra Hooley, 24:18
179.Brynn Hull, 24:38
207.Chloe Starr, 25:20
229.Brianna Gagon, 25:58
244.Ashlynn Bingham, 26:27

Varsity Boys: The boys placed first out of 33 teams and 234 runners with 122 points.
6.Dalton Brems, 15:12
11.Carson Clinger, 15:25
30.Luke Grundvig, 15:40
37.Cole Phillippi, 15:51
43.Kobe Serrano, 15:56
48.Alex Garces, 15:58
91.Andrew Baird, 16:26

Collegiate Women's Results:
12.Sara Musselman (Unat.), 17:22
52.Lexie Thompson (WSU), 19:13

Varsity Girls: The girls placed first out of 31 teams and 236 runners with 99 points.
11.Lexie Wright, 17:51
17.Samantha Stokes, 18:08
24.Madison Hess, 18:18
30.Mackenzie Hess, 18:30
40.Hailey Hess, 18:45
46.Lily Nettesheim, 19:00
102.Elyse Orton, 19:51

Collegiate Men's Results: Cavemen alumni took 4 of the top 7 places in the 4 mile race.
3.Connor McMillan(BYU), 19:26
4.Clayton Young(BYU), 19:28
5.Casey Clinger(BYU), 19:29
7.Brayden McLelland(BYU), 19:31
30.Patrick Parker(Unat), 20:14
34.Tyson Green(WSU), 20:19

Boys Jr./Sr. JV: The boys placed 2nd out of 36 teams and 385 runners with 79 points behind Davis (20 points).
9.Joe Corbridge, 16:28
13.Ethan Kelley, 16:36
17.Aidan Nielsen, 16:40
18.Justin Herzog, 16:40
30.Logan Evans, 16:56
47.Robert Richards, 17:11
48.Casey Chamberlain, 17:15
59.Bryant Parker, 17:23
65.Andrew Jolley, 17:29
85.Kyle Livingston, 17:48
149.Tyson Williams, 18:41
184.Joshua Brockbank, 19:11

Girls Jr./Sr. JV: The girls placed 3rd out of 20 teams and 264 runners with 80 points behind Lone Peak (56 points), and Davis (61.5 points).
2.Allie Green, 19:36
14.Rebecca Teeples, 20:11
20.Lacie Evans, 20:29
22.Cassidy Elmont, 20:41
31.Brook Stratton, 20:54
46.Shayla Hendricks, 21:24
48.Scout McMillan, 21:25
84.Ashlynn Lee, 22:22
90.Dani Christlieb, 22:30
99.Megan Barlow, 22:47
103.Rylee Bateman, 22:52
146.Melanie Rosa, 24:02
147.Adrianna Cluff, 24:03
194.Sabrina Pehrson, 25:53

Thursday, September 14, 2017

In Memoriam

Former AFHS Cross-Country coach George Ricks passed away this week after a long and valiant battle with cancer. The team will wear a ribbon in his honor this Saturday at the BYU Autumn Classic. He built up the AFHS program in the 80's and 90's to statewide prominence, and coaxed Coach Hunziker into becoming the girls coach 30 years ago.

George Ira Ricks, 66, passed away Sept. 10, 2017 in Salt Lake City. Funeral services will be Saturday Sept. 16, 2017 at 11:30 AM at the Hiilcrest Stake Center 165 North 350 West, American Fork. A viewing will be held Friday, Sept. 15, from 6-8 PM at Anderson & Sons Mortuary 49 East 100 North, American Fork and Saturday at the church from 10-11:15 AM. Please share a memory at andersonmortuary.com.

Monday, September 11, 2017

This Week's Meet

The team will participate this Saturday at the BYU Autumn Classic, to be held at Eastbay Golf Course in South Provo (1860 S. Eastbay Blvd. off of State Street). Spectator Admission is $6.
Parking and Meet Information

Race Schedule:
8:00 am Frosh/Soph Boys 3 Mile
8:35 am Frosh/Soph Girls 3 Mile
9:15 am Varsity Boy's 3 Mile
9:40 am College Women's 3 Mile
10:15 am Varsity Girl's 3 Mile
10:45 am College Men's 4 Mile  

11:15 am JV Boys 3 Mile
11:45 pm JV Girls 3 Mile
12:30 pm Awards
The bus will leave AFHS at 6:30 AM. Athletes must ride on the bus in order to compete. Parents may take their athlete home after team cooldown run if a coach has been notified.

The Cavemen will also have quite a few alumni participating in the collegiate races:
Sara Musselman-BYU
Lexie Green-WSU
Casey Clinger-BYU
Tyson Green-BYU
Zac Jacklin-BYU(RS)
Brayden McLelland-BYU
Connor McMillan-BYU
Clayton Young-BYU

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Wasatch Invite Results

The Boys raced Saturday at the Wasatch Invitational, held at Soldier Hollow. It was a 5k course run on the Olympic Cross-Country Skiing venue from the 2002 Winter Olympics.

The boys began the day with a 7 point win over Herriman in the 16 team Frosh/Soph race.
3.Nathan Hess, 18:56
4.Ryan Jolley, 19:06
5.Dylan Rawlings, 19:07
15.Kooper Dibb, 20:04
18.Caleb Crowther, 20:10
23.Brayden Blackhurst, 20:18
92.Jared Leavitt, 22:49

The boys then won the 15 team Jr/Sr JV Race with 29 points.
2.Andrew Baird, 18:24
3.Ethan Kelley, 18:26
6.Logan Evans, 18:32
7.Aidan Nielsen, 18:34
11.Justin Herzog, 18:49
13.Casey Chamberlain, 19:05
16.Joe Corbridge, 19:11
22.Andrew Jolley, 19:38
37.Kyle Livingston, 20:22
70.Tyson Williams, 21:59
81.Joshua Brockbank, 22:42

The Cavemen ended the day with a 6 point victory over Herriman in the 14 team Boys Varsity Race :
2.Carson Clinger, 16:53
4.Dalton Brems, 17:23
11.Kobe Serrano, 17:40
12.Aaron Steed, 17:42
14.Cole Phillippi, 17:44
19.Luke Grundvig, 17:59
28.Ben McBride, 18:31

Murray Invite Results

On Friday, the Girls Team raced at the Murray Invitational. Full Results for the course in Murray Park. The course was wheeled at 2.91 miles.
The Varsity Girls placed 3rd out of 23 teams in the Seeded Race.
Varsity Results:
6.Lexi Wright, 17:22
28.Samantha Stokes, 18:35
32.Madison Hess, 18:38
39.Hailey Hess, 18:49
42.Mackenzie Hess, 18:55
45.Lily Nettesheim, 18:57
100.Allie Green, 20:17

The JV Girls placed 2nd out of 35 teams in the Open Division Race:
4.Elyse Orton, 19:02
17.Kassidy Elmont, 19:36
22.Lacie Evans, 19:41
28.Rebecca Teeples, 19:53
52.Brook Stratton, 20:28
53.Shayla Hendricks, 20:30
59.Kayley Kerr, 20:35
79.Sariah Jackson, 20:50
88.Brooke Hansen, 20:58
106.Dani Christlieb, 21:09
108.Kiley Wilson, 21:12
143.Ashlynn Lee, 21:45
188.Megan Barlow, 22:22
195.Jane Hansen, 22:26
211.Rylee Bateman, 22:39
219.Chelda Lunt, 22:54
220.Melanie Rosa, 22:55
252.Indigo McMillan, 23:22
276.Adrianna Cluff, 23:52
282.Brynn Hull, 23:56
326.Ce'Nedra Hooley, 24:32
330.Chloe Starr, 24:38
459.Ashlynn Bingham, 28:31

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

This Week's Meets

The Girls Team will be racing this Friday at the Murray Invitational held at Murray Park (4100 S. State St. in Murray). Parking for the event will be at the Salt Lake County Ice Arena, 5201 S. Rancho Court. (The first left after State Street). The bus will leave AFHS at 1:30 PM. Athletes must ride up on the bus in order to be able to compete. Parents may take their athlete home after team cooldown, if a coach has been notified.
Race Schedule:
3:00 Seeded Boys
3:20 Seeded Girls
3:45 Open Boys Section 1
4:00 Open Boys Section 2
4:05 Awards: Seeded
4:30 Open Girls Section 1
4:45 Open Girls Section 2

The Boys Team will race Saturday at the Wasatch Invitational held at Soldier Hollow. Directions: Go up Provo Canyon and turn left on the first road (Charleston Turnoff) after Deer Creek reservoir. Turn left at the railroad tracks and follow the signs to Soldier Hollow.
The bus will leave AFHS at 7:00 AM. All athletes must ride up on the bus in order to compete. Parents may take their athletes home if  Coach Mostert has been notified.

Race Schedule:
9:20AM Boys JV Frosh/Soph Race
10:00 AM JV Junior/Senior race
10:40 AM Varsity Boys
11:20 Awards Ceremony