Saturday, August 1, 2015

Week #10 News

Official practice begins this coming Monday at 7:00 AM. In order to practice with the team, athletes MUST have in the following:
1.Physical Form
2.Tryout Checklist (on
3.Concussion Training Certificate (see earlier blog post for online instructions)
Athletes missing forms will be not be able to practice with the team until forms are in.

The Boys Team begins official two-a-days on Monday. We will meet at AFHS at 7:00 AM Monday through Saturday, and at 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Girls will continue with their M,W,F,Sat. AM and Tue.,Thurs. PM schedule.

Yesterday the team went out to Coach Hunziker's home in Cedar Fort for a trail run.

This morning, the boys helped out at the Timp Half Marathon, running the first water station at mile 3. They then proceeded to run down the canyon and back to AFHS.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Speedy Spaniard 10k

The team had three boys compete at the 38th Annual Spanish Fork Speedy Spaniard 10k this morning.

Joseph Simmons won the race in a course record time of 32:53. It was the first year on a new course.
Alumnus Mike Felix ('06) took second place overall in 33:43.
Patrick Larkin was third overall in 33:57, and Tony Jeffs was seventh overall in 35:20.
Results Link

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Friday News

Last Friday we ran the Stewart Falls Loop. We appreciate the parents who helped drive the athletes to Sundance. Photos can be viewed and downloaded on our team website photo album.

Mile Time Trial

The boys held their mid-summer mile time trial today: (2014 time)
1.Patrick Parker, 4:33.6
2.Casey Clinger, 4:34.6
3.Joe Simmons, 4:37.9
4.Patrick Larkin, 4:44.6
5.Hagen Harmer, 4:46.1 (4:52.8)
6.Jason Manning, 4:47.7 (4:54.6)
7.Ben Carson, 4:53.5
8.Parker Barnes, 4:59.0
9.Tony Jeffs, 5:01.3 (5:15.6)
10.Cole Phillippi, 5:01.9 (6:01.8)
11.Dalton Brems, 5:06.6
12.Aaron Steed, 5:06.8
13.Mark Carlisle, 5:09.7 (5:29.4)
14.Matthew Taylor, 5:19.8
15.Alex Garces, 5:27.6
16.Talon Garrick, 5:27.9
17.Carson Clinger, 5:29.2
18.Collin Nielsen, 5:35.4 (5:51.6)
19.Andy Snell, 5:41.8
20.Justin Herzog, 5:53.2
21.Bryson Owen, 5:54.8
22.Kyle Livingston, 6:04.7
23.Andrew Baird, 6:14.8 (7:10.0)
24.Tyson Williams, 6:16.8
25.Aiden Nielsen, 6:18.9 (7:36.7)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Steel Days 5k

We had our city celebration 5k this morning. It is halfway through Summer training, and so this race is a good marker for where we stand at the moment. Its distance is accurate, having been wheeled by Coach Mostert every year for the past 15 years.

Male Runners: (2014 Time)
1.McKay Johns, 15:33 (15:54)
2.Joe Simmons, 15:49 (16:45)
3.Patrick Parker, 16:55
4.Tony Jeffs, 17:02 (17:50)
5.Jason Manning, 17:15 (17:53)
7.Ben Carson, 17:26 (18:30)
8.Aaron Steed, 17:35
9.Dalton Brems, 17:38
11.Cole Phillippi, 18:14
12.Jared Anderson, 18:31
14.Mark Carlisle, 18:42
21.Carson Clinger, 19:04
23.Michael Davis, 19:18
24.Alex Garces, 19:22
25.Jonah Hickman, 19:24
27.Spencer Fong, 19:34 (22:30)
28.Talon Garrick, 19:34
31.Andy Snell, 19:52
33.Matthew Taylor, 19:59
38.Ben McBride, 21:14
40.Coach Mann, 21:33
57.Andrew Baird, 23:25 (26:30?)

Female Runners:
6.Coach Dunkley, 17:18 (17:08)
13.Sara Musselman, 18:32
18.Sammy Hollingsworth, 18:52 (19:33)
19.Katie Cornell, 18:54
22.Cami Squires, 19:08
26.Sophie Baird, 19:27 (19:37)
29.Katie Bradshaw, 19:48 (22:25)
32.Lacie Evans, 19:55
34.Anna Gunther, 20:00
36.Bonnie Schellenberg, 21:02
39.Madison Marrott, 21:28 (23:00?)
44.Kaylie Green, 21:38
50.Emma Russell, 22:07 (24:30?)
52.Dani Christlieb, 22:22
53.Abi Lamb, 22:23
60.Jessica Anderson, 23:32
64.Allie Green, 24:07
79.Scout McMillan, 25:40
98.Stormy Watson, 26:42
116.Hannah Simmons, 28:46 (28:44)
120. Meg Ipson, 29:13
152.Nicole Callahan, 32:52

Friday, July 3, 2015

Cross-Country Camp

This week was High Altitude Camp held at Altamont Campground up American Fork Canyon. We had 33 boys (the most ever) and 24 girls attend. They ran, They ate. They learned about running and training at an elite level.
We appreciate all the parents who drove the athletes to and from camp, and especially the chaperones and coaches who cooked, taught, and supervised the runs. It was a great successful camp. We will try to post the recipe for Caveman Stew on our AF Team Facebook Page.