Thursday, September 18, 2014

Saturday's Meet

The boys team and the girls JV will be racing this Saturday morning at Pleasant Grove High School at the Viking Invitational. The bus will leave AFHS at 8:00 AM. Athletes missing the bus will not be allowed to race. Athletes may go home with their parent after their cooldown and if a coach has been notified.
9:00 AM - JV Girls
9:30 AM - JV Boys
10:00 AM - Varsity Girls
10:30 AM - Varsity Boys
11:00 AM - Frosh/Soph Girls
11:30 AM - Frosh/Soph Boys

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weekend Results

The boys team traveled yesterday to Herriman for the Herriman XC Invitational.
Frosh/Soph Boys Results 6th place, 162 points, 12 teams total.
10.Ben Carson, 19:41
40.Cole Phillippi, 20:48
42.Samuel Williams, 20:58
46.Ben Schellenberg, 21:10
59.Mason Wright, 21:42
61.Spencer Fong, 21:46

Junior Varsity Boys Results 1st Place, 17 points, 12 teams total.
1.Parker Rasmussen, 17:30
2.Connor Hoopes, 17:48
3.Daniel Bentley, 18:01
5.Ashton Jensen, 18:09
6.Jason Manning, 18:11
13.Tony Jeffs, 19:07
15.Jonah Hickman, 19:21
16.Jared Anderson, 19:23
24.Mark Carlisle, 19:55
29.Talon Garrick, 20:05
33.Dillon Stone, 20:13
38.Collin Nielsen, 20:31
43.Parker Barnes, 20:43
82.Bryson Owen, 22:05
89.Nate Baird, 22:13
90.Parker Williams, 22:14

Boys Varsity Team: 1st Place - 32 points, 16 teams total.
1.Zac Jacklin, 16:05 (Course Record)
3.Casey Clinger, 16:19
6.McKay Johns, 16:48
9.Jacob Chase, 16:59
12.Nathan Tracy, 17:18
17.Joseph Simmons, 17:28
18.Hagen Harmer, 17:32

The Girls Team traveled today to the BYU Autumn Classic.

Girls Varsity Team: 2nd place - 53 points, 18 teams total
PlaceBibNameYearOverallTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread
1)161Sammy HollingsworthSo3.19:08.13. 0:30.6
2)163Cami SquiresSo4.19:09.94. 0:32.4
3)160Lexie GreenSr12.19:48.112. 1:10.6
4)157Maddie BenchSr15.19:51.214. 1:13.7
5)159Katie CornellJr22.20:19.420. 1:41.9
6)158Katie BradshawSo23.20:20.8(21.)1:43.3
7)162Nikki SmithSr41.20:52.9(35.)2:15.4

2nd Place(Total time for scoring runners: 1:38:16.7)Score: 53
Girls JV Team: 3rd place - 80 points, 15 teams total.
PlaceBibNameYearOverallTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread
1)147Anna GuntherJr5.21:53.95. 1:11.0
2)145Camille GarrettJr15.22:51.414. 2:08.5
3)156Andie WeightSr19.23:11.618. 2:28.7
4)144Malorie FinchSr20.23:13.619. 2:30.7
5)148Hailey HeathSr26.23:35.324. 2:52.4
6)149Abbi LambJr31.23:46.8(28.)3:03.9
7)153Payton PryorJr34.23:56.0(31.)3:13.1
8)142Courtney CoxJr55.24:46.4--  4:03.5
9)140Jessica AndersonJr56.24:46.7--  4:03.8
10)141Heather BergesonSr57.24:47.6--  4:04.7
11)154Melissa SmithJr59.24:58.7--  4:15.8
12)150Allison LawrenceSr69.25:24.4--  4:41.5
13)143Abby DeanJr100.26:14.3--  5:31.4
14)151Candace LundahlSr115.27:01.1--  6:18.2

3rd Place(Total time for scoring runners: 1:54:45.8)Score: 80
Girls Frosh/Soph Race: 2nd place - 82 points.
PlaceBibNameYearOverallTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread
1)135Katy PhillippiSo3.21:26.22. 0:06.4
2)132Madison MarrottSo8.21:42.06. 0:22.2
3)128Kendra HeathSo14.22:00.311. 0:40.5
4)136Emma RussellSo31.23:19.426. 1:59.6
5)127Dani ChristliebFr43.23:44.337. 2:24.5
6)133Scout McMillanFr68.24:38.8(54.)3:19.0
7)130Rachel IsaacsonSo87.25:29.0(70.)4:09.2
8)138Hannah SimmonsFr92.25:54.1--  4:34.3
9)131Ashlynn LeeFr98.25:57.5--  4:37.7
10)129Meg IpsonSo172.30:32.7--  9:12.9
11)126Emma BenchFr176.30:40.8--  9:21.0
2nd Place(Total time for scoring runners: 1:52:12.2)Score: 82

Connor McMillan ('14) ran his first official race as a BYU Cougar, placing 6th overall in the men's college 4 mile race with a time of 20:26. He helped his team win over UCLA, Weber State, and Idaho State.
At the UC Riverside Invitational:
Makayla Stepp ('14) placed 19th (21:45 for 6000 meters)  to help UVU win the 23 team  Invitational race.
Robby Lee('10) placed 23rd in 26:58 to help SUU place 2nd in the 8k Collegiate Open race.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This Weekend's Races

The boys will be racing Friday at Herriman. The Bus will leave AFHS at 2:30. Athletes must ride on the bus in order to race. The address of the race course is 14868 S. Juniper Crest in Herriman.
Directions:  Take Bangerter HWY west and turn left on 13400 South. 

 Go west to about 4700 West and turn left on the new Mountain View Corridor. Follow the Corridor south to the 3rd exit (Rosecrest). Exit right and go about ¼ mile to the stop sign and turn left on Juniper Crest.  Go south to the end of the road or LDS church at 14868 S. Juniper Crest.

4:00 PM Frosh/Soph Boys
5:15 PM JV Boys
6:15 PM Varsity Boys

The Girls will be racing Saturday at the BYU track facility.
The bus will leave AFHS at 7:30 AM. All athletes must ride the bus up in order to race.
The boys will be going up with the girls for a capillary run on the Provo River Trail.

 9:00 a.m. Frosh/Soph Girls 3 Mile
9:45 a.m. College Men's 4 Mile
10:15 a.m. College Women’s 3 Mile
10:45 a.m. Varsity Girls 3 Mile
11:20 a.m. Varsity Boy's 3 Mile
11:45 a.m. JV Boys 3 Mile
12:25 p.m. JV Girls 3 Mile
1:00 p.m. Team Awards

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer Mileage

The boys team counts their Summer Mileage from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We had 10 boys meet the team goal of 750 miles, which beats the record of 9 from 2013. We had 20 boys over 500 miles, 1 short of last year's record 21 boys.

Miles     Name
855        Zac Jacklin
813        McKay Johns
806        Joseph Simmons
785        Jacob Chase
781        Connor Hoopes
777        Hagen Harmer
773        Talon Garrick
761        Collin Nielsen
761        Nate Baird
751        Parker Rasmussen
665        Nathan Tracy
653        Casey Clinger
652        Daniel Bentley
634.5     Coach Mostert
627        Jason Manning
599        Bryson Owen
570        Tony Jeffs
569        Parker Williams
543        Mark Carlisle
536        Samuel Williams
 503       Dillon Stone
431        Jonah Hickman
353        Ben Schellenberg
325        Cole Phillippi
265         Spencer Fong
              Ashton Jensen
              Jared Anderson
              Parker Barnes
              Tyler Henderson
               McKay Anderson
               Ben Carson
               Mason Wright

Provo Bulldog Invitational Results

Results Link
The boys team (excluding the Varsity 7) ran Friday at the Provo Bulldog Invite at Rock Canyon Park in Provo. The 3.00 mile course was fun and hilly, with grass, trail and road segments.
The top JV boys placed 4th in the Varsity race, while the rest of the squad placed 2nd in the J.V. race.

Boys Varsity
4.Connor Hoopes, 17:25
7.Jason Manning, 17:31
23.Parker Rasmussen, 18:05
24.Tony Jeffs, 18:06
26.Ashton Jensen, 18:17
29.Jonah Hickman, 18:24
40.Daniel Bentley, 19:07

Boys JV
2.Jared Anderson, 18:56
6.Mark Carlisle, 19:12
12.Ben Carson, 19:34
21.Cole Phillippi, 19:50
22.Talon Garrick, 19:51
28.McKay Anderson, 19:59
40.Collin Nielsen, 20:27
44.Parker Barnes, 20:33
49.Ben Schellenberg, 20:40
53.Mason Wright, 20:45
56.Samuel Williams, 20:47
98.Spencer Fong, 21:58
108.Nate Baird, 22:26
113.Parker Williams, 22:32
114.Bryson Owen, 22:33

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Results Link
Utah Region IV Pre-Region Meet Results
Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014
American Fork High School, 5000m Course, No Hay.
Sunny and warm, very windy. No team scores kept.

Girls Race
2.Cami Squires AF 19:22 (12th All-Time)
3.Sammy Hollingsworth AF 19:24 (15th All-Time)
4.Katie Cornell AF 19:28 (22nd All-Time)
6.Lexie Green AF 19:38 (39th All-Time)
7.Maddie Bench AF 19:49

8.Sophie Baird AF 20:04
10.Nikki Smith AF 20:30
12.Katie Bradshaw AF 20:55
26.Kendra Heath AF 21:35
29.Bonnie Schellenberg AF 21:39
30.Anna Gunther AF 21:41
36.Madison Marrott AF 21:58
40.Katy Phillippi AF 22:09
47.Payton Pryor AF 22:30
53.Camille Garrett AF 22:37
56.Andie Weight AF 22:56
59.Dani Christlieb AF 23:05
62.Stormy Watson AF 23:13
63.Hailey Heath AF 23:14
79.Ashlynn Lee AF 23:58
81.Abbi Lamb AF 24:03
89.Emma Russell AF 24:17
90.Heather Bergeson AF 24:22
99.Jessica Anderson AF 24:40
103.Rachel Brantley AF 24:49
104.Courtney Cox AF 24:50
107.Melissa Smith AF 24:57
111.Abby Dean AF 25:08
112.Scout McMillan AF 25:14
119.Rachel Isaacson AF 25:34
121.Hannah Simmons AF 25:36
131.Abby McBride AF 26:01
147.Candace Lundahl AF 27:20
150.Alexis McNall AF 27:27
178.Emma Bench AF 31:24
179.Megan Ipson AF 31:54

Boys Race Results:  
1.Zac Jacklin AF 15:59 (13th All-Time)
2.Casey Clinger AF 16:06 (21st All-Time)
3.McKay Johns AF 16:16 (36th All-Time)
4.Jacob Chase AF 16:36
5.Joseph Simmons AF 16:36
10.Nathan Tracy AF 16:54
14.Hagen Harmer AF 17:03
17.Ashton Jensen AF 17:14
24.Connor Hoopes AF 17:24
27.Parker Rasmussen AF 17:39
28.Jason Manning AF 17:42
39.Tony Jeffs AF 17:58
43.Jonah Hickman AF 18:09
45.Daniel Bentley AF 18:21
58.Jared Anderson AF 18:43
64.Mark Carlisle AF 18:51
82.McKay Anderson AF 19:20
83.Ben Carson AF 19:21
85.Cole Phillippi AF 19:26
92.Talon Garrick AF 19:41
95.Collin Nielsen AF 19:49
99.Ben Schellenberg AF 19:53
105.Mason Wright AF 19:59
119.Samuel Williams AF 20:19
131.Parker Barnes AF 20:36
133.Bryson Owen AF 20:43
135.Spencer Fong AF 20:46
145.Parker Williams AF 21:20
177.Nate Baird AF 23:29