Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Indoor Track

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We will hold our Indoor Track Club meeting next Tuesday, December 18th right after school in Coach Mostert's room (#218).

Monday, December 4, 2017

Footlocker West Results

5000m Results from Footlocker West last Saturday.

Girls results:
Seeded Race
23rd- Lexi Wright, 19:00

Freshman Race
 19th-Kayley Kerr, 20:53
38th-Brooke Hansen, 21:34
62nd-Sariah Jackson, 22:16
105th-Bekah Chase, 24:24
162nd-Chloe Starr, 27:23

Sophomore Race
7th-Samantha Stokes, 19:48
32nd-Brooklyn Hopkins, 20:45
121st-Chelda Lunt, 23:36
167th-Indigo McMillan, 25:00

Junior Race
9th-Lily Nettesheim, 20:05
11th-Madison Hess, 20:09
14th-Hailey Hess, 20:17
33rd-Mackenzie Hess, 20:48
36th-Allie Green, 20:51
37th-Shayla Hendricks, 20:52
42nd-Elyse Orton, 21:05
70th-Rebecca Teeples, 21:46
81st-Cassidy Elmont, 22:06
90th-Brook Stratton, 22:32
124th-Melanie Rosa, 23:48
127th-Lexi Brown, 24:03
168th-Adrianna Cluff, 25:36

Senior Race
24th-Lacie Evans, 21:17
71st-Dani Christlieb, 22:49
102nd-Scout McMillan, 23:45
116th-Ashlynn Lee, 24:27
134th-Megan Barlow, 25:30

Boys Results:
Seeded Race
46th-Carson Clinger, 16:33
55th-Dalton Brems, 16:42
82nd-Aaron Steed, 16:54
157th-Logan Evans, 17:43
211th-Robert Richards, 18:27

Freshman Race
35th-Nathan Hess, 18:13
42nd-Kooper Dibb, 18:28
53rd-Samuel Nelson, 18:49
74th-Brayden Blackhurst, 19:16
162nd-Jared Leavitt, 21:23

Sophomore Race
20th-Dylan Rawlings, 17:13
178th-Caleb Crowther, 19:22

Junior Race
3rd-Luke Grundvig, 16:28
17th-Andrew Baird, 17:05
38th-Aidan Nielsen, 17:29
44th-Nathan Wright, 17:31
53rd-Justin Herzog, 17:41
81st-Andrew Jolley, 18:14
118th-Caleb Westover, 18:42
145th-Bryson Allred, 19:04
177th-Mason McQuivey, 19:40
236th-Tyson Williams, 20:40
251st-Joshua Brockbank, 21:06
276th-Jordan Schanze, 21:50

Senior Race
88th-Casey Chamberlain, 18:27
137th-Kyle Livingston, 19:16

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Footlocker West Regionals

The Cavemen will be leaving this Thursday for the Footlocker West Regionals held at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California. Athletes need to be at AFHS at 5:45 to load the busses, which will depart at 6:00 AM. Athletes should dress in their running gear, for a run at lunchtime in St. George. Athletes need to remember to bring a photo ID for packet pickup on Friday.
Saturday's race schedule:
December 2, 2017
Runners may only participate in one race.

7:10Open Race (non high school runners)5KTop 15 / gender
7:30Freshman Boy5 KTop 48
7:37Freshman Girl5 KTop 48
7:52Sophomore Boy 15 KTop 48
7:59Sophomore Girl5 KTop 48
8:14Sophomore Boy 25 KTop 48
8:24Junior Girl5 KTop 48
8:39Junior Boy 15 KTop 48
8:46Senior Girl5 KTop 48
9:01Junior Boy 25 KTop 48
9:16Senior Boy5 KTop 48
9:50Seeded Girls5 KTop 24
10:30Seeded Boys5 KTop 24
11:00FS All West GirlsAwards PresentationTop 24 Combined
11:05FS All West BoysAwards PresentationTop 24 Combined
11:15Seeded GirlsAwards PresentationTop 24
11:50Seeded BoysAwards PresentationTop 24
Please note: Schedule is dependent upon number of participants and may flucate a bit. This is a very good approximation based upon past history. Final race day schedule will be distributed at packet pickup on Friday, December 1st.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

NXR-SW Results

Last Saturday at Southwest Regionals, the Cavemen placed 5th on the boys side and 9th for the girls.

Boys Results:
42.Luke Grundvig, 15:40
51.Carson Clinger, 15:47
53.Dalton Brems, 15:47
82.Aaron Steed, 15:59
107.Cole Phillippi, 16:08
180.Alex Garces, 16:37
209.Kobe Serrano, 17:08

Boys Open Results:
74.Joe Corbridge, 16:38
204.Nate Hess, 17:24
227.Logan Evans, 17:31

Girls Results:
16.Lexi Wright, 17:54
64.Lily Nettesheim, 18:34
105.Samantha Stokes, 19:02
125.Hailey Hess, 19:16
161.Brooklyn Hopkins, 19:46
187.Mackenzie Hess, 20:13
214.Madison Hess, 20:55

Girls Open Results:
14.Allie Green, 19:16
66.Rebecca Teeples, 20:05
88.Elyse Orton, 20:19
109.Lacie Evans, 20:32
113.Cassidy Elmont, 20:37
125.Kayley Kerr, 20:46

Complete Results

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nike Southwest Regional Championships

The Boys and Girls Varsity teams will be heading to NXN-SW in Casa Grande, Arizona on Thursday. The 5000m races will be held at the Grande Sports Academy on Saturday. The races will include the top teams from Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. The top two teams in each championship race will earn a berth to Nike Cross Nationals in Portland, Oregon on December 2nd.


Friday November 17
3:00 - 7:00 pm NXR Apparel Sale 
3:30 - 7:00 pm Packet Pick Up 
4:00 - 5:00 pm Course Walk Thru (Only at this time)
5:05 - 5:35 pm Press Conference, Pre Meet Review, Discussion 
5:40 - 6:15 pm T-Shirt Exchange. (Bring T-Shirts from your schools).

Saturday November 18
6:30 - 7:30 am Walk Thru, Late Registration
6:30 - 7:30 am Final Registration Citizens Race
8:00 am Citizens 5K Race 
8:20 am Girls Small School Open Race I PINK
8:35 am Girls Medium School Open Race II YELLOW 
8:50 am Girls Large School Open Race III RED
9:05 am Boys Small School Open Race I ORANGE
9:25 am Boys Medium School Open Race II WHITE
9:40 am Boys Large School Open Race III BROWN
9:55 am Boys Large School Open Race IV PURPLE
10:30 am Line Up Boys Championship Race 
10:35 am National Anthem
10:40 am Introduction
10:47 am Boys Championship Race BLACK

11:15 am Line Up Girls Championship Race
11:20 am Introduction
11:27 am Girls Championship Race GREEN
12:10 pm Awards

12:45 pm Championship Teams and Individuals Processing for Nationals
NXR SW Record Boys – Casey Clinger American Fork, UT 2015  14:42.00
NXR SW Record Girls – Katie Rainsberger Air Academy, CO 2015   16:23.40

Read more: NXR Southwest Regional - Meet Info - Meet Info 

Friday, November 10, 2017

NCAA Mountain Region Results

The Cavemen had a few alumni race at the NCAA Mountain Regional Championships held today in Logan, Utah.

Sara Musselman placed 56th overall and 6th for BYU in 21:26 for the 6k course. BYU took 3rd place overall and will get an at-large bid to the NCAA Championships next week in Louisville, Ky.

Lexie (Green) Thompson placed 68th overall and 2nd for Weber State in 21:37. The Wildcats placed 11th as a team.

Sammy Hollingsworth placed 79th overall and 4th for UVU in 21:48. UVU placed 13th as a team.

Connor McMillan placed 4th in 30:17, Brayden McLelland 26th in 30:56, and Clayton Young in 27th in 31:03 to help BYU place 2nd as a team and get an auto-qualifier spot to Nationals next week. Casey Clinger was rested for Nationals.

Tyson Green was 51st overall and 2nd for Weber State in 31:39. WSU placed 10th as a team.

Joe Simmons was 79th overall and 3rd for Idaho State in in 32:34. ISU placed 13th as a team.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Grinder

Congratulations to Luke Grundvig and Kooper Dibb.
Luke earned a pair of spikes for running 7:55 up The Grinder. He is the 2nd boy this season and the 28th in AFXC history to break 8:00.
Kooper Dibb earned his Grinder t-shirt by running 8:48. He is the 3rd Freshman to break 9:00 this season.

Grinder All-Time List