Thursday, December 16, 2010

NXN Story by Phil Latter

Here's a cool story on ESPN-Rise by Phil Latter:
NXN Story

Monday, December 6, 2010

Footlockerwest Regionals

The girls team and boys j.v. raced at Footlocker West Regionals held at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California last Saturday.
We had some great races there:
4th-Jamie Lee, Girls Junior 20:17
5th-Connor McMillan, Boys Frosh 
10th-Lakyn Lux, Girls Senior 20:35
12th-Brayden McLelland, F/S All-Region 17:05
19th-Tyson Green, F/S All-Region 17:21
22nd-Diane Leach , Girls Frosh/Soph 21:06
35th-Kaden Springer, Boys Frosh
50th-Dallas Griswold, Boys Junior 17:56
54th-Taylir Garrison, Girls Junior 22:23
59th-Spencer Herzog, Boys Frosh
66th-Ashlyn Hatch, Girls Junior 22:55
78th-Kylie Buckwalter, Girls Senior 23:06
88th-Robert McMillan, Boys Junior 18:36
89th-Jake Healey, Boys Senior 18:28
93rd-Megan Bardin, Girls Frosh/Soph 24:00
96th-Jasmyn Hildebrandt, Girls Seeded 20:43
105th-TJ Bishop Boys Junior 18:46
114th-Paige Leyba, Girls Junior 24:44
118th-Emilio Martinez, Boys Senior 18:52
133rd-Michael Richards, Boys Senior 19:11
133rd-Krissy Eakins, Girls Junior 25:31
142nd-Jen Squire, Girls Junior 26:00
165th-Kiersten Shelley, Girls Junior 27:58
166th-Shannon Rowley, Girls Junior 28:01
180-Melissa Hirsch, Girls Junior 31:34
 251-Philip Sorensen, Boys Junior 21:24
271-Tyler Ward, Boys Junior 22:07
305-Zach Wigington, Boys Junior 24:22

Sunday, December 5, 2010

NXN Results

The boys raced really hard through the mud  and ended up placing 8th at the Seventh Nike Cross Nationals in Portland, Oregon. The Cavemen scored 195 points , which would have been enough to win last year. Derek Day was the top placer at 38th (15th team) followed by Nafe Richardson at 66th (30th), Mack Morrison at 79th (39th), Clayton Young at 96th (55th), Austin West at 98th (56th), Kevin Judd at 151st (106th), and Danny Keller at 177th (132nd).
Full race coverage is at NXN Nationals
We would like to thank everybody who supported the team through this amazing season. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NXN Live Broadcast on Saturday

We race Saturday. The live webcast begins at 11:05 MST.
Here is the link for the broadcast:
NXN Website