Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yesterday, the boys did The Grinder. We added two new members to the 9:00 Minute Club: Jacob ran 8:58 and Ashenafe ran 8:32 to win their Grinder T-Shirts. Congratulations!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nebo Invite results

Austin wins !
Alexis Wins!

Nafe wins!

Erminia wins!

It is probably the fastest 3.00 mile course in the state of Utah. The Nebo Invite course at Maple Mountain High School is flat and on grass and track at 4700 ft. altitude at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon. We had sunny 80+ degree weather -it was a beautiful day.
Almost the entire team earned personal bests on the course.

The first race was the JV Girls. Erminia won in 20:08, followed by Kaovae (2-20:11), Kim (3-20:19), Natasha (4-20:34), and Taylir (12-21:22) to win the JV trophy with 22 points.
Our other finishers were: Alex (14-21:27), Morgan (18-21:39), Kylie (25-22:25), McKaylie(33-22:50), Kimberly(35-22:59), Ashlyn(37-23:03), Angie (42-23:21), Estefany(50-24:06), Abby(51-24:08), Sara(54-24:12), Shannon(25:04), Ashley(67-25:07), Kiersten (96-26:05), Kayla(108-27:13), Danielle(115-27:44), and Melissa(122-28:29).

Up next were the JV Boys, and the Cavemen came to race! Kevin, Daniel, and Nafe pulled away from everybody before the mile mark and pushed each other until kick time where Nafe used his sprinter's speed to win in 16:21, followed by Kevin (2-16:41), and Daniel (3-16:49). Also scoring were Jacob(5-16:59), and Brady (6-17:07) for 17 team points and the JV trophy.
Our other finishers were Michael (7-17:09), Robert (11-17:27), Seth (14-17:39), Emilio (16-17:43), Joseph (17-17:46), Josh (23-17:55), Tyler(30-18:12), Dallas (38-18:23), Ty (47-18:37), Dallin (68-19:04), Benson (76-19:11), TJ(79-19:21), Brayden (120-20:11), Zach(127-20:19), Clayton (143-20:42), and Adam (152-20:49).

The girls varsity team ran the fastest race in AF history: Alexis won in 18:11, Morgan was 2nd in 18:14, Danielle 4th in 18:25, Jamie 5th in 18:54, and Kaijsa 6th in 18:55 for a 5 person time of 92:39! and 18 points to win the champion's trophy. Lakyn took 19th in 19:42 and Jasmyn ran 24th in 20:01.

The boys varsity raced last and put on a show. The boys were all within 20 seconds of each other at the mile mark in 5:00 to 5:20. The top 5 were still within 13 seconds of each other at the 2 mile, Corey and Brian only another 20-26 seconds back. Austin battled Steve Morrin of Lone Peak up until the last 200 meters where Austin dropped the hammer and won by 4 seconds in a probable 3 mile !school record of 14:56 with a 4:48 last mile! Clayton kicked in to claim 3rd in 15:16, followed by Mack (5-15:23), Robby (7-15:39), and Jeff(9-15:47) to score 25 points and claim our 4th champion's trophy of the afternoon. Corey finished 15th in 16:08 and Brian 16th in 16:13. Astounding!
The top 5 cumulative time of 77:01 is over 1:30 faster than our teams previous best at Scera Park 2 years ago.

Hit the Post Title to view full results.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Today we are racing at The Nebo invitational at the new Maple Mountain High School.
take H'way 6 towards Spanish Fork Canyon. Take a left at the third stoplight (Center St.) then the first right. Follow the road 1 mile to MMHS.
Schedule is:
4:00 PM - Girls JV
4:30 PM - Boys JV
5:00 PM - Girls Varsity
5:30 PM - Boys Varsity

Tomorrow, the Boys are meeting at AFHS at 7:00 AM to go to the State Course at Sugarhouse Park.

Next Saturday (Oct. 3rd), the Boys JV will go to the Park City Invite to make up for the 2 meets that were canceled earlier this season, and to give them another race opportunity.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Last night the Cavemen participated in the Provo Bulldog Invitational at Kiwanis Park.

The Boys JV were up first with our boys beating Mountain View by 5 points 29-34. Brian won the race with Ashenafe 2nd, Daniel 6th, Jacob 9th, and Brady 11th.

The JV girls beat Maple Mountain 30-50 with Kaovae winning, Kimberly 3rd, Erminia 5th, Natasha 7th, and Alex 14th.

The Girls Varsity placed 2nd (of 15 teams) with 42 points behind US#43 Mountain View who had 32 points. Alexis, Morgan, ans Danielle went 4th, 5th, 6th with Kaijsa 12th and Jamie 15th.

The Boys Varsity scored 27 to beat SW #4 Pineview (67), and SW#3 Mountain View(86) with 18 teams total.
Austin won, with Robby 2nd, Clayton 4th, Mack 5th, and Jeff 15th.

Most of the team slaughtered their times from last year and their best 5k times this year.
Complete results are posted on our XC web page.
Photos will be put on our webpage.

Also, the Girls have risen from Bubble Team to 8th in the Dyestat/ESPN-Rise Southwest US Rankings. The boys are still ranked 2nd in the Southwest behind Albuquerque Academy.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Boys Team is featured today in an article on Dyestat, a national website for high school Track and Cross-Country.
www.dyestat.com in their Squad Spotlight section. Pretty exciting to get national press! 7 hours until race time!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tomorrow is the Provo Bulldog Invitational at Kiwanis Park (1200 N., 1200 E) in Provo.
Races are at 4:30 (Boys JV), 5:00 (Girls JV), 5:30 (Girls Varsity), and 6:00 (Boys Varsity).
Both Boys and Girls teams are returning champions.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The boys ran really well at the Wasatch Invitational (3.00 miles at Soldier Hollow) this morning.
First, the JV squad won the JV race with 17 points:
1. Kevin 17:51, 2.Ashenafe 18:12, 3.Michael 18:12, 5.Jacob 18:45, 6.Daniel 18:52, 9.Brady 19:01, 13.Robert 19:13, 14.Seth 19:19, 15.Emilio 19:23, 16.Tyler 19:23, 28.Josh 19:51, 29.Dallin 19:52, 31.Joseph 19:53, 45.T.J. 20:19, 56.Benson 20:44, 59.Dallas 20:47, 116.Adam 22:11, 118.Brayden 22:22, 130.Clayton 22:54, 134.Zach 23:06.
The Boys Varsity won with 29 points, followed by Pleasant Grove-67, Alta-117, Hillcrest-135:
1.Austin -16:28 (new course record), 2.Robby 16:45, 4.Mack 17:04, 7.Clayton 17:10, 15.Jeff 17:44, 19.Corey 17:58, 27.Brian 18:16 (Top 5 85:11)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekend Action

Today, the girls will be taking on Park City, Davis, and Timpanogos with 50 other teams at the Murray Invite. Results will be posted at http://www.runnercard.com/
The girls ran great! Varsity 2nd to Dyestat US#41Park City by only 18 points.(5000 meters course at Murray Park)
ROOKIE GIRLS RACE(229 total): 16.Alex 23:13, 18.Morgan 23:32, 42.Kimberly 24:45, 61.Ashlyn 25:54, 74.Estefany 26:29, 108.Sara 27:41, 129.Kiersten 27:17, 131.Shannon 28:21, 164.Kayla 30:17, 202.Melissa 33:14.
GIRLS JV RACE(1st place, 245 total): 3.Jasmyn 21:21, 8.Erminia 21:52, 9.Kaovae 21:57, 14.Taylir 22:14, 22.Natasha 22:54, 31.McKaylie 23:18, 119.Abby 25:49.
GIRLS VARSITY(2nd place, 241 total):8.Morgan 19:40, 10.Alexis 19:45, 12.Danielle 19:50, 24.Jamie 20:22, 29.Kaijsa 20:26, 39.Lakyn 20:44, 83.Kimberly 21:55.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Team Jackets

Coach Hunziker in his Team Jacket

We are in the process of ordering our team jackets. Athletes should see Coach Mostert and give him size and the name they want embroidered on their jacket. Cost is $32.00 and must be paid either to the financial office or at http://www.myschoolfees.com/ before Wednesday, September 16th.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer Mileage Count

The boys kept track of their Summer Mileage from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This is the largest number of athletes over 600 miles we have ever had.
Mack -746
Robby -712.5
Jacob -703
Brayden - 655
Dallas -655
Brian -618.25
Austin -613
Jeff -610
Kevin -610
Michael -572
Daniel - 547
Clayton P. - 500
Josh -496
Ashenafe -485
Emilio -482
Tyler - 470
Clayton Y. -467.5
Dallin -462
Corey -458
Coach -458 (not bad for shoulder surgery)
Benson -455
Ty - 450
Seth - 380
T.J. - 356 (joined late)
Joseph - 346.75
Kendall - 330 (joined late)
Zach -330
Kyle - 250 (joined late)
Robert -
Derek -
Adam -
Brady -
I'll add to the post as the boys bring me their mileage.

Monday, September 7, 2009

BYU Autumn Classic Results

The girls team did AWESOME at BYU last Saturday.
They placed 2nd with 79 points; only 13 points behind DyeStat US#43 Park City and 2 points ahead of DyeStat US#40 Mountain View. In 5A, they were 42 points ahead of 4th place Davis.
Varsity places: 11.Morgan 19:45, 14.Alexis 19:56, 16.Jamie 19:57, 22.Kaijsa 20:12, 23.Danielle 20:15, 52.Lakyn 21:10, and 55.Kaovae 21:11.
The Girls Frosh/Soph JV team placed 2nd with 58 points - 1 point behind winner Timpanogos.
Winning t-shirts were Taylir (3rd), Alex (7th), Morgan (8th), and McKaylie (14th).
The Girls Jr/Sr JV team also placed 2nd with 60 points - behind Davis' 21.
Winning t-shirts were Kimberly (3rd), Jasmyn (5th), Erminia (11th), and Natasha (18th).

The girls race this week at Murray Invite on Friday, while the boys head to Soldier Hollow on Saturday for the Wasatch Invite.

The dual meet Tuesday against Judge Memorial has been cancelled.

The Utah Milesplit State Rankings for Sept. 6th have the AF girls ranked 3rd behind Bingham and Park City and the boys ranked 2nd behind Bingham whom they will race this Saturday.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Today the girls went to the BYU Autumn Classic.
Results will be up this afternoon on http://www.runnercard.com/
Only some of the boys showed up for a 10 mile capillary run on the canal road.
The lead group was relaxed and cruised it in 68:00. The JV group made it out 35 minutes and got 9 miles in.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Boys Leaders

Girls Champion

Finally got results from Pre-Region:

Girls will be at BYU tomorrow - boys going on a 10-miler.

Nice article about the meet on Milesplit:
http://ut.milesplit.us/articles/26537 by Aron Taylor

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pre-Region 9/2/09

Last night we held the Region IV Pre-Region meet at Cottonwood Complex in Salt Lake City. It is very hilly, and we're still not sure how long the course is; somewhere between 2.94 and 3.09 miles. The boys team won with 28 points, Hillcrest 2nd with 68, Pleasant Grove and Alta both scored 84 with PG winning on the 6th man tie-breaker. Lone Peak, Jordan, and Brighton were all over 100 points. Varsity: 1st-Austin, 4th-Robby,5th-Clayton, 7th-Mack, 11th-Corey,15th-Jeff, and 19th-Brian. Results will be posted on our webpage when we get them.

The girls team also won - scoring 18 points to Alta's 44 (Everyone else was over 100 points).
varsity: 1st-Morgan, 2nd-Alexis, 3rd-Danielle, 4th-Jamie, 8th-Kaijsa, 13th-Lakyn, and 15th-Erminia.

http://www.dyestat.com/ published their first national rankings from Rob "Watchout" Monroe last night. He placed the Cavemen as ranked 13th in the nation based on our returners times and our win last Saturday at the Grass Relays. The only poll that matters, however, is the one on Dec. 11th after NXN Nationals. We still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do before then!