Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Run The Edge

On Thursday, the boys will be interviewed for the web radio show "Run The Edge". Here are the instructions for registering to listen and participate on the webcast:

In the upper right corner click “Register”
Fill out the information form
A confirmation email will be sent to you.  You need to open your email and click on the confirmation link: “Click here to complete your registration”
You will be taken to a page where you can customize your profile.  Upload a picture or avatar and fill out as much information about you as you like.  
Then back in the right corner in the search box type in “run the edge” or one of our names to find our show.  
Click on our logo to go to our show page and finally click “follow” to be sent reminders of when we are on air.
You can leave us comments or other options on our page.
When the show is on air, you can go to our page and hit the “play/chat” button to listen live and to see or participate in the chat room.  If you have skype on your computer you can also hit the “click to talk” button next to the call in number to call from your computer or you can dial 1 (323) 843-6024  from your phone to talk to Adam and Tim on air.  You will hear the show live on your phone.  
If you miss the show live you can go to our show page and listen to the archive or download it right to your computer!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Grass Relays Video

Last weekend, Phil Latter, the assistant coach at Ft. Collins H.S. came out to interview the boys' team for ESPN-RISE. He brought his friend Tim Catalano who is starting a radio broadcast with distance great Adam Goucher called Run The Edge. He has a posted a video of Saturday's meet on their website. click the title to go to the video. Later this week, Tim and Adam will interview the varsity boys for their radio show as a follow-up to last week.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


We would thank everybody who helped out at the Grass Relays this morning.
We had 1539 athletes from over 40 teams.

Congratulations to the Cavemen for setting the record in the Boys Varsity Relay by 41 seconds!
Full results are finally typed up and posted. Click on the header to see them.

The link should give access now - I forgot to change the share settings when I finished the results at 1 AM this morning.  ; p

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Deseret News Article

A nice article on the boys' cross-country team appeared this morning in the Deseret News:
Click on the header to go to the article.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tribune Article

There is a very nice article on the Boys' Team in today's Salt Lake Tribune. Click on the header for the link.http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/sports/50153883-77/team-cavemen-american-fork.html.csp?page=1

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Premiere XC Invite Results

The Girls' team started their season this morning at the Premiere XC Invite in Tooele hosted by Stansbury High School. The course was 2.9 ? miles.
Click on the header to see the Girls Varsity and JV results.
In 5A, Bingham was first with 34, American Fork 2nd with 36 points.
Varsity Race Placers;
3.Jamie Lee, 18:59
7.Jasmyn Hildebrandt, 19:44
9.Lakyn Lux, 20:02
11.Morgan Warner, 20:05
17. Makayla Bernardo, 20:24
JV Award winners:
9.Diane Leach, 22:27

Thursday, August 19, 2010

ESPN-RISE Pre-Season Rankings

The ESPN-RISE Pre-Season Cross-Country National Rankings were released today with our Cavemen ranked #1 in the United States. Click on title to see all the rankings.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Schedule Change

A slight schedule change: The AFHS Boys JV will be going to the Utah Co. Invitational on Fri. Sept. 3rd. The girls will  be going to  BYU on Sat. Sept. 4th. The Boys' team will be going on Sat. Sept. 11th to the Wasatch Invite at Soldier Hollow, while the girls will be going on Fri. Sept.10th to the Murray Invite.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bill Meylan's Prognostications

Bill Meylan is a well-known coach and cross-country analyst in New York.
Click on the title to see his website at tullyrunners. 
Pre-Season Projection - BOYS National Team Contenders - 2010

      School               State   Score  Region
      ------------------   -----   -----  ------
  1   American Fork          UT     290     SW
  1   Arcadia                CA     290     CA
  3   York                   IL     300     MW
  4   Columbus North         IN     305     MW
  4   Trabuco Hills          CA     305     CA
  6   The Woodlands          TX     330     SO
  6   Christian Brothers Ac  NJ     330     NE
  6   North Central          WA     330     NW
  9   Dana Hills             CA     340     CA
  9   Loyola CA              CA     340     CA
  11  Albuquerque Acad       NM     350     SW
  11  Warwick Valley         NY     350     NY
  13  Fayetteville-Manlius   NY     360     NY
  14  Oak Park River Forest  IL     365     MW
  14  Glendora               CA     365     CA
  16  Crater                 OR     370     NW
  17  West Windsor Plain-N   NJ     380     NE
  17  Belvidere North        IL     380     MW
  17  Claremont              CA     380     CA
  17  Valencia               CA     380     CA
  21  Shaker                 NY     390     NY
  22  Marcus                 TX     400     SO
  22  Granite Hills          CA     400     CA
  22  Wayzata                MN     400     Heart
  22  Pembroke               MA     400     NE
  22  Birmingham             CA     400     CA
  22  Eden Praire            MN     400     Heart
  28  Eisenhower WA          WA     410     NW
  28  Palos Verdes           CA     410     CA
  28  Blacksburg             VA     410     SE
  28  Alhambra               AZ     410     SW
Bill writes:  
In contrast to the girls, there are no boy's teams "heads-and-shoulders" above the others (on the girl's side, FM, Saratoga and Saugus enter the season significantly ahead of the other girl's teams) ... The number do place a few boys' teams ahead, but there are questions concerning these teams.
American Fork UT is slightly the top number-rated team ... American Fork UT brings back 5 of the top 6 from last year's NXN where they finished 8th ... However, their speed numbers from NXN (180, 179, 178, 176, 171) will be equaled or exceeded by a bunch of teams by the end of the season, so I believe this team will need to improve to have a decent chance to win NXN.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sliding Rock Part 2

This morning the AF team invited Timpview and Payson to do Sliding Rock in Alpine. Everybody had fun and many took the slide with gusto! After running back to Alpine, the boys had an impromptu Frisbee Ultimate game with the Lone Peak team.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time Trial

This afternoon we held our pre-season 2 mile time trial on the Grass Relays course.
Results: (Last year's time)
1. Austin West, 10:08 (10:35)
2. Derek Day, 10:43
3. Kevin Judd, 11:01 (11:48)
4. Danny Keller, 11:14 (12:43)
5. Jacob Healey,  11:26 (11:50)
6. Tyson Green, 11:39
7. Dallas Griswold, 11:39 (12:46)
8. Emilio Martinez, 12:05 (13:14)
9. Tyler Ward, 12:08 (13:18)
10. Connor McMillan, 12:09
11. Josh Savage, 12:12
12. T.J. Bishop, 12:18 (14:14)
13. Caleb Thompson, 12:24
14. Kendall Orton, 12:33 (14:00)
15. Dallin Day, 12:40 (14:24)
16. Hector Sanchez, 12:45
17. Spencer Herzog, 12:57
18. Chad Squires, 12:58
19. Josh Virchow, 13:09
20. Kyle Orton, 13:20 (14:21)
21. Logan Seegmiller, 13:51
22. Josh Carson, 16:02

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Harrier Magazine Pre-Season National Rankings

Marc Bloom published his pre-season XC rankings today online.

The American Fork boys are ranked 4th in the Nation to start the season.
Two other Southwest Regional teams are also ranked in the top ten: Alhambra, AZ. is ranked 7th and Albuquerque Academy, NM is ranked 9th.
Let's keep working hard so we can prove to the U.S. that our team is deserving of this recognition!
Remember your goals and our team goals - it will take everybody to achieve them!
Click on the header to see the rankings.


Congratulations to Brayden McClelland (8:44) and Dallas Griswold (8:53) for breaking 9:00 up The Grinder this morning to earn their t-shirts.

Also, congratulations to Mack Morrison for winning the 5k race at the National Scout Jamboree in Ft. A.P. Hill, Virginia two Saturdays ago. Mack won by a large margin in the amazing time of 15:29 (yay sea-level)!

NOTICE: Since official practice has begun, athletes who have not handed in their Physical Forms or their Tryout Checklists are not allowed to practice with the team until their paperwork is in!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Caveman 5k

This morning 282 people ran the annual Caveman 5k race.
About half the team showed up to race on the out and back 5000m course.
Boys: (Last year's time)

1.Austin West, 15:46 (16:43)
2.Clayton Young, 15:48
3.Mack Morrison, 16:34 (17:35)
4.Nafe Richardson, 16:48
5.Danny Keller, 17:05 (19:43)
6. Kevin Judd, 17:07
7. Emilio Martinez, 18:09 (19:55)
9. Dallas Griswold, 18:16 (19:53)
10. Tyson Green, 18:22
11. Jacob Healey, 18:35 (18:44)
12. Brayden McClelland, 18:36
14. Josh Savage, 19:30
15. Benson Gunther, 19:34
20. Hector Sanchez, 20:13
21. Chad Squires, 20:19
23. Josh Virchow, 20:24
24. Connor Hoopes, 20:26
26. Jason Jarman, 20:34
29. Dallin Preece, 20:35
36. Logan Seegmiller, 21:59
37. Spencer Herzog, 22:02
98. Brandon Squires, 25:25
99. Josh Carson, 25:26

19. Morgan Warner, 20:06 (19:59)
22. Jasmine Hildebrandt, 20:22
25. Jamie Lee, 20:31 (21:11)
28. Lakyn Lux, 20:42 (21:01)
41. Taylir Garrison, 22:28 (23:32)
42. Kylie Buckwalter, 22:33 (23:33)
43. Makayla Bernardo, 22:34
48. Diane Leach, 22:58
52. Ashlyn Hatch, 23:13 (26:48)
56. Sara Simmons, 23:25
57. Megan Line, 23:26
74. Vanessa Laws, 24:41
77. Terlynn Westphal, 24:48
79. Angi Vawdrey, 24:51
82. Beth Laney, 24:52
83. Nikki Beighley, 24:56
94. Casey Cottrell, 25:12
95. McKaylie Nelson, 25:15 (25:28)
100. Meghan Bardish, 25:28
120. Kimberly Merrill, 26:18
136. Krissy Eakins, 26:47
137. Stephanie Shelton, 26:48
206. Melissa Hirsch, 30:12
207. Kirsten Shelley, 30:21