Friday, July 29, 2011

Bridal Veil Falls

We met this morning and ran an 8-miler to Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.
There was an early morning canyon wind, but it kept everybody cool on the way up and back .

Reminder #1: Tomorrow we are meeting at 5:00 AM to go  work at the mile 3 aid station at the Mt. Timpanogos Half-Marathon. Wear your running clothes and bring a jacket.

Reminder #2: Monday is the beginning of official practice (two-a-days for boys). Make sure you have handed in your physical form and tryout checklist.

Mile Time Trial

iaThe boys held their Summer Mile Time Trial on Thursday afternoon.
1. Kaden Springer, 4:51.4
2. Dallas Griswold, 4:52.4
3. Caleb Thompson, 4:53.7
4. Tyson Green, 4:54.0
5. Connor McMillan, 5:01.4
6. Connor Hoopes, 5:05.1
7. Benson Gunther, 5:05.3
8. Spencer Herzog, 5:25.5
9. Zach Jacklin, 5:28.6
10. Dallin Day, 5:28.9
11. Jace Jensen, 5:38.1
12. Tyler Ward, 5:41.2
13. T.J.Bishop, 5:53.9
14. Ian Rawlings, 6:21.7
15. Kaden Groves, 6:26.0

Monday, July 25, 2011

Speedy Spaniard 10K

We had a few runners and alumni run in the Speedy Spaniard 10K this morning.

Austin West (Alumnus) placed 2nd in 31:47.
Mack Morrison placed 3rd in 32:04.

Tyler Ward was 55th in 43:17.
Kevin, Danielle, and Mike ran Bandit.

Friday, July 22, 2011

NXN-SW Pre-Season Preview

Coach Alan Versaw (Classical Academy, Colorado) wrote a cross-country preview of the boys and girls teams in the Southwest Region.
Boys Team Preview
Girls Team Preview

High Altitude Camp

This week we had high altutude camp at Timpooneke. We had our largest camp ever with over 50 people. We arrived Tuesday afternoon and went for a run up to Scout Falls. There was still snow up around the area.

 Tuesday night we gathered around the campfire for team introductions and games.

 Clayton won the Chubby Bunny contest with 18.

 On Wednesday morning, we ran from Tibble Fork Reservoir towards Cascade Springs, then jumped in the reservoir to cool down.

 That afternoon we took a run on the Great Western Trail up to Salamander Flats.
 On Wednesday night we enjoyed Caveman Stew, and then the team captains went over our season goals.

Girls Captains Ashlyn, Taylir, and Jamie
 Boys Captains Clayton, Dallas, and Mack
On Thursday morning, we had our camp relays. Dallas' team won
Coach Mostert has a box full of stuff that was left at camp.  If you are missing something, come pick it up from him.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sliding Rock

On Friday, the team ran up to Sliding Rock. They had a ton o' fun with minimal blood.

Other photos are posted on the team webpage:

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Steel Days 5k

Several team members competed at the Steel Days 5k race this morning in American Fork.

Results (Last Year's Time)
Clayton Young was the overall winner with a time of 15:31.
Other places and times:
2.Mack Morrison 15:35
3.Tyson Green 16:28 (18:14)
4.Kaden Springer 16:55 (21:01)
5.Connor McMillan 17:00 (21:07)
6. Alumnus Evan Melville 17:22
7. Coach Lindsey Dunkley 17:30 (16:34)
8.Benson Gunther 17:45
10.Zach Jacklin 18:03
13.Caleb Elzey 19:01
16.Connor Hoopes 19:22
17.Luke Gunther 19:37
19.Alumna Shay Baugh 20:23
20. Jamie Lee 20:25 (20:46)
21.Diane Leach 20:28 (24:57)
23.Tyler Ward 20:38 (22:18)
24.Jace Jensen 20:39
26.Spencer Hunt 20:42
28.Coach Kevin Mann 20:52 (21:25)
35.Alumna Erminia Martinez 21:48
55.Ashlyn Hatch 23:05 (23:36)
57. Alumna Kylie Buckwalter 23:10 (23:05)
62.Alumna Amy Merkley 23:21
63.Taylir Garrison 23:23 (23:03)
78. Alumna Danielle Rudolph 23:55
79.Lexie Green 23:55
84.Rochell Merrill 24:36
90.Sarah Tracey 25:03
92.Kimberly Merrill 25:18
108.Casey Rasmussen 26:23
133.Melissa Hirsch 27:41(29:09)

I've posted other photos in our XC Photo Album
Edit: Brayden McLelland won a 5k race today in Centerville in 17:00.(18:15)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stewart Falls

Friday, the team ran the Stewart Falls loop on the back side of Mt. Timpanogos. There was 15 ft. of snow at the falls, and the creek had dug a tunnel through it.

 Several of the bolder, older athletes got under the falls.We had a very fun time, with just a few crash-and-burns on the way down the trail.