Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Powerade Fab 50 Week 1 National Rankings

ESPN released their National pre-season rankings. The American Fork boys start the season #34.

State rivals Davis and Mountain View are ranked 9th and 16th, respectively.

ESPN Week #1 Rankings

Sunday, August 28, 2011


The Cavemen will be racing this week twice:

Wednesday, the Cavemen have the Region IV pre-region race At Cottonwood Complex in Holladay.
Take I-15 North, then the 4500 S. exit to the East. Make a left at 1100 East to the parking lot at 4200. S.

The bus will leave AFHS at 5:00 PM. All athletes must ride to the meet on the bus or they can't race (district policy). Parents can take their athletes home after their cooldown (just tell a coach first).

Race Schedule:
7:00 PM - Girls Race
7:30 PM - Boys Race

Friday, the Cavemen (except Boys Varsity) will race at the Utah County Invitational in Orem at the new Lakeside Sports Park. Bus leaves AFHS at 3:30 PM. All athletes must ride to the meet on the bus or they can't race (district policy). Parents can take their athletes home after their cooldown (just tell a coach first).

Race Schedule:
5:00 PM - Girls Frosh/Soph Race
5:30 PM - Boys Frosh/Soph Race
6:00 PM - Girls Jr./Sr. Race
6:30 PM - Boys Jr./Sr. Race

Grass Relays

We would like to thank all the parents who helped put on the Grass Relays: hauling hay, working the chute and results boards, manning registration and concessions, and cheering on our Cavemen!

The boys won for the third straight year, and with the 2nd fastest relay time ever!
Clayton was the fastest leg of the day with a 10:01 (4th all-time).
Mack placed 4th in 10:20 (21st all-time).
Brayden placed 7th in 10:31.

The Girls placed 10th out of  26 teams in the Girls Varsity relay.
Rookie Emily Orton, in her first XC race ever, ran the fastest leg with a 13:05.

Miranda Graves placed 5th in 13:20 in the Girls Frosh/Soph JV Race for a medal.

Conner McMillan led the Cavemen to the first four places in the Boys Frosh/Soph JV Race, winning in 10:40. He was followed by Kaden Springer (10:51), Zach Jacklin (10:52), and Caleb Thompson (10:59).

Hunter Wilson was the first Caveman finisher in the Jr/.Sr. JV race in 12th place (11:14), while Ashley Larsen was our first finisher in the Girls Jr./Sr. JV Race in 39th place (14:35).

Results and All-Time List

Thursday, August 25, 2011

American Fork Grass Relays

The Grass Relays are this Saturday!
7:00 AM-Registration
7:40 AM-USATF Junior Olympic Mile
8:00 AM-Girls Frosh/Soph JV
8:20 AM-Boys Frosh/Soph JV
8:35 AM-Girls Jr/Sr JV
8:55 AM-Boys Jr/Sr JV
9:10 AM-Girls Varsity Relay
10:25 AM-Boys Varsity Relay
Awards Ceremony

Parents, if you do not yet have an assignment, please call Kathy Michaels at 801-492-6951

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Boys 2-Mile Time Trial

The boys had their pre-season time trial tonight.(last year's time)
1.Clayton Young, 10:00
2.Mack Morrison, 10:35
3.Brayden McLelland, 10:50
4.Dallas Griswold, 10:53(11:39)
5.Connor McMillan, 10:53(12:09)
6.Caleb Thompson, 10:58(12:24)
7.Kaden Springer, 11:28
8.Zach Jacklin, 11:32
9.Benson Gunther, 11:40
10.Hunter Wilson, 11:41
11.Dallin Day, 11:44(12:40)
12.Connor Hoopes, 12:14
13.T.J. Bishop, 12:17(12:18)
14.Spencer Herzog, 12:22(12:57)
15.Luke Gunther, 12:26
16.Tyler Ward, 12:59(12:08)
17.Kaden Groves, 13:25
18.Ashton Jensen, 13:51
19.Ian Rawlings, 15:33
20.Victor Hindevad, 16:03

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Girls 2-Mile Time Trial

The girls team had their pre-season 2 mile time trial on the Grass Relays course this morning.
1. Morgan Warner, 13:15
2. Emily Orton, 13:17
3. Diane Leach, 13:19
4. Jamie Lee, 13:40
5. Taylir Garrison, 13:49
6. Katie Cornell(8th), 13:57
7. Miranda  Graves, 14:40
8. Bridget Lundahl, 15:00
9. Lexie Green, 15:07
10.Ashley Larson, 15:12
11.Rachel  Merrill, 15:27
12.Amber Bardin, 15:38
13.Ashlyn Hatch, 15:40
14.Chloe Crump, 15:44
15.Kimberly Merrill, 15:50
16.Angi Vawdrey, 15:57
17.Camille Garrett(8th), 15:57
18.Hailey Heath, 16:35
19.Betty Richardson(8th), 16:59
20.Abbie McBride, 17:37
21.Heather Bergeson, 18:38
22.Melissa Hirsch, 18:39
23.Ashley Rymer, 21:20

This morning we had athlete concussion training. All team members who did not go through the training must get a packet from Coach Mostert, fill out the paperwork, and have it handed in the Trainer Becky Bailey before Thurs, Aug. 25th, or they will not be able to race until it is completed.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Grinder

Congratulations to Connor Hoopes for earning his Grinder shirt today by running 8:59. He is the second Freshman to earn his shirt this Summer.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Salt Lake Tribune Article

Clayton and Mack were highlighted in a Salt Lake Tribune article this weekend.
Article Link

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Grinder

Congratulations to Zac Jacklin. He is our first freshman of the season to break 9:00 up The Grinder to earn his t-shirt. He made it up the hill in 8:58.

Reminder: Tonight is the parents booster meeting at the Michael's home at 7:00 PM.
Their address is 1286 N. 200 W.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Highland Fling

Yesterday, a few Cavemen ran in the Highland Fling 5k.
1    Tyson Green             329    16   M     16:31.5                       
       2    Dallas Griswold  333    17   M     16:45.6                       
       5    Benson Gunther   338    16   M     18:03.1                       
       12    Diane Leach     289    14   F     20:18.0 

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Grinder

Congratulations to Kaden Springer. He broke the 9 minute mark for the first time up the Grinder this morning with a clocking of 8:54 to earn his Grinder t-shirt.

Coach Lindsey Dunkley set an all-time women's record of 9:17 up the Grinder this morning.

The boys Varsity took the week off from the Grinder to run from AFHS up to Battlecreek Falls for a 10-miler.