Monday, July 31, 2017

The Grinder Week #9

Congratulations to Logan Evans and Nathan Hess who both earned their Grinder t-shirts this morning with times of 8:57 and 8:58, respectively.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Mid-Summer Time Trial

The boys had their Mid-Summer 1 mile time trial last night. We were missing a lot of boys to camp, EFY, and family vacations.

1-Mile Results (2016 Time):
1. Dalton Brems, 4:39.6 (4:49.1)
2. Carson Clinger, 4:46.0 (4:46.1)
3.Aaron Steed, 4:49.3 (4:52.7)
4.Aidan Nielsen, 5:02.3
5.Dylan Rawlings, 5:03.7
6.Andrew Baird, 5:04.4 (5:22.8)
7.Nathan Hess, 5:11.3 (6:01.1)
8.Tyson Williams, 5:35.7 (6:01.7)
9.Brayden Blackhurst, 5:46.3
10.Sam Nelson, 5:48.0
11.Jordan Schanze, 7:39.9
12.Colby Clinger, 8:39.4

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Grinder Week #7

We had some guests come and do The Grinder with us this morning. Former team captain Mike Felix brought his boys and girls teams from Westlake High School to run the Grinder. We also had the boys varsity squad from Maria Carillo High School from Santa Rosa, California do the Grinder. They are visiting the team this week and will be training with us through Thursday.
Maria Carillo H.S. Boys

Westlake H.S. Boys

Westlake H.S. Girls

A.F.H.S. Boys

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Steel Days 5k Results

The Cavemen ran the Steel Days 5k in American Fork this morning. 42 days until the Grass Relays.

Results (2016 Time)

1.Aaron Steed, 15:54 (17:02)
2.Carson Clinger, 15:58 (17:45)
3.Dalton Brems, 16:31 (17:56)
4.Cole Phillippi, 16:43
6.Luke Grundvig, 17:01 (18:46)
7.Andrew Baird, 17:09 (18:51)
8.Ben McBride, 17:11
10.Justin Herzog, 17:26 (18:21)
11.Nate Hess, 17:31 (21:07)
13.Dylan Rawlings, 18:04
14.Kyle Livingston, 18:17
15.Kooper Dibb, 18:26
16.Logan Evans, 18:31
22.Tyson Williams, 19:26
25.Mason McQuivey, 19:40
26.Brayden Blackhurst, 19:49
27.Sam Nelson, 19:50 (31:44)
28.Joshua Brockbank, 19:51
31.Bryson Allred, 20:05 (20:41)

Friday, July 14, 2017

Cross-Country Camp

Tuesday through Thursday this week saw 30 boys, 27 girls, and several adults enjoy the Great Outdoors up American Fork Canyon for our High Altitude Camp. Lots of running, and lots of great food! We appreciate all the parents who helped drive the athletes to and from Granite Flats, and the coaches and parents who chaperoned at Camp. It was a great success!