Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weekend Results

Nike Cross Nationals. The 5000 meter race was held at Glendoveer Golf Course in Portland, Oregon.
This was the sixth straight appearance at NXN for the boys team.  They had their second best showing with a 5th place finish. Casey Clinger (8th place) and Zac Jacklin(16th place) were named second and third team All-America, respectively. The girls were at NXN for the first time in program history and placed 22nd overall.

Boys Results:
8.Casey Clinger, 15:32 (Sophomore course record and 2nd team All-America).
16.Zac Jacklin, 15:41 (3rd Team All-America)
41.McKay Johns, 16:02 (Third Sophomore)
120.Daniel Bentley, 16:40
128.Joe Simmons, 16:45
136.Hagen Harmer, 16:52
153.Jacob Chase, 17:01

Girls Results:
70.Cami Squires, 18:54
126.Sammy Hollingsworth, 19:32
153.Katie Cornell, 19:57
155.Maddie Bench, 20:00
157.Nicole Smith, 20:01
170.Sophie Baird, 20:12
175.Lexie Green, 20:18

The JV went to Walnut, California for the Footlocker West Regionals.
(* = medalist)
3.Lexi Wright*, Girls Frosh, 19:42
9.Parker Rasmussen*, Boys Senior, 17:19
18.Tony Jeffs*, Boys Junior, 17:38
20.Jason Manning*, Boys Junior, 17:49
20.Katie Bradshaw*, Girls Soph, 20:35
21.Kendra Heath*, Girls Soph, 20:35
24.Anna Gunther*, Girls Junior, 21:00
27.Katy Phillippi*, Girls Soph, 20:55
39.Ben Carson*, Boys Soph, 17:51
44.Madison Marrott, Girls Soph, 21:26
45.Parker Barnes, Boys Junior, 18:25
52.Jared Anderson, Boys Junior, 18:32
53.Ashlynn Lee, Girls Frosh, 22:25
57.Cole Phillippi, Boys Frosh, 18:58
62.Dani Christlieb, Girls Frosh, 22:43
63.Haley Heath, Girls Senior, 23:23
69.Mark Carlisle, Boys Junior, 18:56
77.Talon Garrick, Boys Junior, 19:00
83.Stormy Watson, Girls Soph, 22:56
94.Emma Russell, Girls Soph, 23:17
100.Camille Garrett, Girls Junior, 23:15
103.Abbi Lamb, Girls Junior, 23:16
116.Heather Bergeson, Girls Senior, 25:28
118.Samuel Williams, Boys Soph, 19:04
119.Scout McMiIllan, Girls Frosh, 25:25
122.Jonah Hickman, Boys Junior, 20:04
123.Collin Nielsen, Boys Junior, 20:26
124.Hannah Simmons, Girls Frosh, 25:40
127.Kaylie Green, Girls Junior, 24:02
156.Bryson Owen, Boys Junior, 22:10
158.Nate Baird, Boys Junior, 22:18
159.Jessica Anderson, Girls Junior, 25:17
160.Melissa Smith, Girls Junior, 25:18
160.Spencer Fong, Boys Soph, 19:33
170.Candace Lundahl, Girls Senior, 29:16
201.Rachael Brantley, Girls Junior, 26:54
229.Meg Ipson, Girls Soph, 30:30
254.Parker Williams, Boys Senior, 22:54

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