Monday, December 9, 2013

Nike Cross Nationals

Last Saturday, our boys ran well at the 10th Annual Nike Cross Nationals in Portland, Oregon.
The team ended up 7th with 230 points. They are the only team in the Nation to finish in the top 8 at NXN for the last 5 years.

Connor McMillan led the team with a 7th place finish in 15:13, garnering 1st Team All-America honors. He was only 13 seconds behind the winner and 10 seconds off the course record. He was the highest placing Utahn in NXN history.
Zac Jacklin finished 48th in 15:43.
Casey Clinger finished 77th in 16:04, the Freshman course record.
Tyler Bell placed 111th in 16:19.
Jacob chase placed 137th in 16:31.
Spencer Herzog placed 155th in 16:44.
Caleb Thompson finished 170th in 16:54.

The team placings at the Checkpoints:
Split 1 (~750-800m): 12th:American Fork UT 2:20.03 (~292 points)
Split 2 (~1800-1850m): 13th:American Fork UT 5:51.93 (~319)
Split 3 (~2900-3000m): 9th:American Fork UT 9:26.87 (~271)
Split 4 (~4000m): 7th:American Fork UT 12:56.70 (~255)
Split 5 (5026m) -- 7th:American Fork UT 16:05.10 (230)

The boys had the opportunity to eat dinner on Thursday with 3 time Olympian Dathan Ritzenhein, and on Saturday with Olympian (and SUU alumnus) Cam Levins.

Footlocker West Regionals

We had some great races in Waknut, California last Saturday at the Footlocker West Regional Championships.
Boys Results:
4.McKay Johns, All-West Fr/So, 16:30
13.Hagen Harmer, All-West Fr/So, 17:03
16.Connor Hoopes, Junior, 16:56
23.Joe Simmons, All-West Fr/So, 17:25
24.Daniel Bentley, Junior, 17:10
26.Jason Manning,  Frosh/Soph, 17:17
30.Adam Juchau,  Frosh/Soph, 17:21
60.Tony Jeffs, All-West Fr/So, 18:02
66.Jonah Hickman,  Frosh/Soph, 18:01
74.Jared Anderson,  Frosh/Soph, 18:10
89.Parker Rasmussen, Junior, 18:47
90.Nathan Springer, All-West Fr/So, 18:50
138.Ben Schellenberg, All-West Fr/So, 20:07
140. Jace Jensen, Seeded Race, 17:52
166.Parker Williams, Junior, 21:38
176.Nate Baird,  Frosh/Soph, 19:48
216.Collin Nielsen,  Frosh/Soph 20:35

Girls Results:
1.Sammy Hollingsworth, All-West Fr/So , 19:26
2.Makayla Stepp, Senior, 19:31
3.Lexie Green, Junior, 19:20
4.Maddie Bench, Junior, 19:27
5.Nikki Smith, Junior, 19:37
11.Sophie Baird, All-West Fr/So, 19:56
13.Katie Bradshaw, All-West Fr/So, 20:02
19.Kaylie Green, Frosh/Soph, 20:17
21.Anna Gunther, All-West Fr/So, 20:15
25. Danielle Christlieb, 7th/8th Grade, 12:09
28.Hannah McKendrick, All-West Fr/So, 20:27
29.Katie Cornell, All-West Fr/So, 20:27
31.Amber Bardin, Senior, 21:19
33.Sophie Stewart, All-West Fr/So, 20:31
37.Payton Pryor, All-West Fr/So, 20:38
41.Madison Marrott, Frosh/Soph, 21:17
44.Bonnie Schellenberg, All-West Fr/So, 20:52
52.Kendra Heath, Frosh/Soph, 21:41
52.Hailey Heath, Junior, 22:43
53.Camille Garrett, Frosh/Soph, 21:42
58.Andie Weight, Junior, 23:03
60.Shelby Graves, All-West Fr/So, 21:37
73.Malorie Finch, Junior, 23:43
77.Racheal Brantley, Frosh/Soph, 22:23
90.Megan Staten, Junior, 24:41
91.Abbi Lamb, Frosh/Soph, 22:35
92.Tayler Aaron, Junior, 24:46
100.Heather Bergeson, Junior, 25:08
105.Sabrina Thomas, Junior, 25:23
106.Courtney Cox, Frosh/Soph, 22:59
118.Candace Lundahl, Junior, 26:38
137.Ashlie Rymer, Senior, 30:17
147.Autumn Kelsch, Frosh/Soph, 24:33