Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Girls 1-MIle Time Trial

The girls held their mid-summer 1 mile time trial this morning. They had 8 girls break 6 minutes.
Name, Time, (2012 Time)
1.Maddy Bench, 5:39 (5:39)
2.Makayla Stepp, 5:39 (5:42)
3.Lexie Green, 5:48 (5:52)
4.Diane Leach, 5:50 (5:40)
5.Sophie Stewart, 5:54 (6:09)
6.Katie Bradshaw, 5:55 (6:32)
7.Katie Cornell, 5:56 (5:52)
8.Amber Bardin, 5:58 (5:49)
9.Nikki Smith, 6:06 (6:32)
10.Lexie Wright, 6:13 (6:25)
11.Hannah McKendrick, 6:18
12.Sammi Hollingsworth, 6:18 (6:56)
13.Payton Pryor, 6:26
14.Lauren Jones, 6:27
15.Rachael Brantley, 6:30 (6:55)
16.Dani Christlieb, 6:36
17.Anna Gunther, 6:37 (6:48)
18.Bonnie Schellenberg, 6:37 (6:54)
19.Camille Garrett, 6:38
20.Malorie Finch, 6:38 (7:00)
21.Kaylie Green, 6:44
22.Madison Marrott, 6:57
23.Abbi Lamb, 7:09 (6:57)
24.Autumn Kelsch, 7:04
25.Abby McBride, 7:09, (6:57)
26.Megan Staten, 7:14
27.Scout McMillan, 7:31
28.Rachel Merrill, 7:31 (6:36)
29.Courtney Cox, 7:45
30.Ashlie Rymer, 8:30 (8:25)
31.Taylor Hodges, 9:40
32.Hannah Gunther, 10:21

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Grinder

Congratulations to the girls team! They had 6 girls under 10:30 for the first time ever! Earning their Grinder t-shirts were:
Katie Bradshaw 9:53
Sophie Stewart 10:13

Friday, July 26, 2013

Athlete Physicals

This post is for athletes who have not yet handed in their physical form.
I've been informed that the American Fork Clinic is doing a physicals night on July 31st at 6:00 pm.  Cost is $30.   The clinic in the past has paid their nurses for their overtime and then has donated the rest of the money back to the sports medicine department.

All athletes need to take a copy of the physical form with the entire front side (Emergency info., medical history) and the parent permission portion on the back side filled out.  No athlete will be given a physical without these filled out first.  I have attached a copy of the physical form so you can print them out for your own teams.

Those of you who are fall sports, I highly recommend taking advantage of this night if your athletes haven't already had a physical this summer.  All physicals for this year need to be post May 1st

Winter and spring sport coaches, please encourage your athletes to also take advantage of this night. 

The AF Clinic has been very gracious to provide this night and it would get one thing out of the way for these athletes.  To help them know how many nurses and doctors to have at the clinic that night, please get a count from your teams as to how many would like to use the clinic and email me back by Tuesday, July 30th. This count is very important.

Becky Bailey, AFHS Athletic Trainer

Boys 1 Mile Time Trial

The boys team had their annual midsummer 1 mile time trial last night.
We had 12 boys break 5 minutes as compared to 9 who broke 5:00 in 2012.

Name, Time (2012 Time)
1.Connor McMillan, 4:33.9 (4:39.0)
2.Nathan Tracy, 4:39.4 (5:25.7)
3.Tyler Bell, 4:42.1
4.Caleb Thompson, 4:43.1
5.Zac Jacklin, 4:44.5 (4:47.3)
6.Daniel Bentley, 4:45.1
7.Connor Hoopes, 4:49.6 (5:36.8)
8.Luke Gunther, 4:54.1 (4:56.9)
9.Spencer Herzog, 4:54.2 (4:54.2)
10.Hagan Harmer, 4:55.7
11.Jacob Chase, 4:57.9 (4:59.9)
12.McKay Johns, 4:59.3
13.Jonah Hickman, 5:24.2 (6:09.1)
14.Adam Juchau, 5:25.1
15.Ben Carson, 5:34.3
16.Tony Jeffs, 5:43.8 (6:04.5)
17.Nathan Springer, 5:45.4
18.Tyler Schow, 5:58.6
19.Ben Schellenberg, 6:31.0 (6:26.4)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Our Cavemen have been taught that the Four Components of Distance Running are Endurance, Strength, Speed, and Guts. Every workout we do helps us improve at least one of these components. We do all of our runs, including our capillary runs to improve our endurance. We do hills and weightlift to increase our strength. We do fartlek and interval workouts to improve our speed.  But, guts is the one component that must be developed alone by each runner; it is a conscious decision to get up when one has fallen, to push on when one hurts, and to persevere when one is behind. The word that defines this internal drive, this toughness of spirit, in the Finnish language is SISU. This word will be on the back of our team shirts this year to help remind us of the fourth component of distance running which we need to reach our running potential.

Here is a link to a great article on Sisu in the March, 2013 Runners World.

Here is a great video of Lasse Viren's amazing race in the 1972 Olympics, where he was tripped, got back up, and won in world record time.

Viren then went on to win the 5000m Run a week later, and then won both races again at the 1976 Olympics.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Steel Days 5k Results

20 boys and 20 girls participated last Saturday in the American Fork Steel Days 5k.
This marks the half-way point of our Summer training. If anyone has race photos, please e-mail them to Coach Mostert, and he'll post them on the team photo album.

Boys Results: Name, 2013 Time, (2012 Time)
1.Connor McMillan, 15:35 (16:09)
2.Zac Jacklin, 15:50 (16:45)
3.Caleb Thompson, 15:54 (16:14)
6.Nathan Tracy, 16:17 (19:13)
7.Daniel Bentley, 16:39 (18:39)
8.Luke Gunther, 16:41 (17:41)
9.Ashton Jensen, 16:43 (18:56)
11.Jacob Chase, 16:49 (17:41)
12.Hagen Harmer, 16:50
13.McKay Johns, 17:20 (20:10)
14.Connor Hoopes, 17:21
16.Joe Simmons, 17:48 (18:44)
17.Jonah Hickman, 17:54 (20:46)
18.Tony Jeffs, 18:49
23.Adam Juchau, 19:26
24.Ben Carson, 19:31
27.Jared Anderson, 19:53
30.Nathan Springer, 20:25
36.Mark Carlisle, 21:01
78.Nathan Baird, 24:03

Girls Results: Name, 2013 Time, (2012 Time)
10.Coach Dunkley, 16:44 (16:52)
21.Makayla Stepp, 19:24 (19:18)
26.Diane Leach, 19:42 (19:55)
32.Sophie Stewart, 20:45
34.Katie Cornell, 20:57 (21:17)
37.Coach Mann, 21:06 (21:22)
41.Lexie Green, 21:25 (20:15)
42.Amber Bardin, 21:27 (21:05)
47.Shelby Graves, 22:04
54.Dani Christlieb, 22:25
62.Kendra Heath, 22:55, (24:31)
72.Anna Gunther, 23:34 (25:17)
75.Heather Bergeson, 23:37
76.Malorie Finch, 23:38 (25:58)
85.Kailey Green, 24:36 (25:16)
92.Hailey Heath, 25:14
100. Scout McMillan, 25:50
101.Autumn Kelsch, 25:52
108.Chloe Hoffman, 26:19
109.Madison Marrott, 26:23
164.Ashlie Rymer, 30:12 (29:01)

Coach Mostert was in Florida this weekend giving presentations at the Florida Cross Country Coaches Clinic. He gave talks on "The Lydiard Training System", "You Race How You Train", "Five Things That Changed Our Distance Program", and "Using Statistics to Help Improve Your Runners".


Monday, July 15, 2013

The Grinder and Other News

Congratulations to Lexie Wright for winning her Grinder shirt with a time of 10:28, last Monday. Also Coach Dunkley set an all-time women's record up the Grinder with a time of 8:54.

Thanks to all the parents who helped chaperone and transport athletes to High Altitude Camp last week. We had 45 athletes go which is one of our largest groups ever.

Make sure you register for the Steel Days 5k today or tomorrow in order to get the early registration price. You can register at the city administration building on Main Street or at Fleet Feet.

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Grinder and Camp Reminders

Jason Manning became our second t-shirt winner of the Summer, running 8:54 up the Grinder this morning.

Just a reminder that all forms  (Tryout Checklist, Physical, and Camp Permit) must be completely filled out and turned in by this Friday in order to go to camp next week. Checks are made out to Caveman Track Club.