Monday, August 12, 2013

The Grinder Week 12

Makayla Stepp became the first AFHS girl to break the 9:30 mark up The Grinder this morning (9:28) to earn a pair of spikes. Hannah McKendrick earned her t-shirt with a 10:07 clocking.

Connor McMillan became the 13th AFHS boy in school history to break 8:00 (7:55) up The Grinder this morning, and earned a pair of spikes for his effort. 27 boys made it to the top of Mountain Dew Hill: a school record.

Sub 8:00 Grinder
1992-Chris Merkley
1993-Dave Bell
2008-Jeff Harmon
2009-Robby Lee, Austin West
2010-Clayton Young, Nafe Richardson, Derek Day, Mack Morrison
2012-Brayden McLelland, Tyson Green, Caleb Thompson
2013-Connor McMillan, Nathan Tracy, Casey Clinger, Zac Jacklin,  McKay Johns, Hagen Harmer, Daniel Bentley
2014-Jacob Chase
2015-Patrick Parker

Sub 9:30 Grinder
2013-Makayla Stepp, Maddie Bench, Lexie Green, Katie Cornell, Diane Leach,\
2014-Lexie Wright, Cami Squires, Sammy Hollingsworth

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