Monday, October 13, 2014

The Grinder

We did the Grinder today to get ready for the hills on the State course next week.
Three Cavemen earned their Grinder t-shirts today:
Ashton Jensen ran 8:28.
Ben Carson ran 8:38.
Madison Marrott ran 10:24.

Three girls earned their spikes for breaking 9:30.
Lexie Green ran 9:08 (New record)
Sammy Hollingsworth ran 9:17.
Cami Squires ran 9:18.

On the boys side, 4 boys ran under 8:00 with McKay Johns (7:22) and Casey Clinger (7:27) breaking the Grinder record. Zac Jacklin hit 7:46, while Nathan Tracy ran 7:52.
All-Time Grinder List

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