Monday, May 21, 2012

The Real Maine

Here's a real cool documentary done by Erik van Ingen, a runner at Binghampton University.
The Real Maine

Friday, May 18, 2012

Opening run

AFXC boys will hold its first run on Friday, June 1st at AFHS at 3:00 PM. The girls will wait until Monday the 3rd, with the boys at 7:00 AM.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2012 Tentative Schedule

2012 TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (updated 8/9)

Tu-Th. Jul 17-19    High Altitude Camp @ Timpooneke for qualifiers

Sat. Aug 25th        Grass Relays @ AFHS                    8:00 AM

Wed. Aug.29th     Pre-Region @ AFHS                    7:00 PM

Sat. Sep. 1st        Utah Co. Inv.(JV) @ Lakeside Sports Park (400 S. 1850 W.)

Fri. Sep. 7th        Murray Invite (Girls) @ Murray
Sat. Sep 8th         Wasatch Invite (Boys) @ Soldier Hollow

Fri. Sep. 14th       BYU Elite Race @ Cascade GC, Orem.(Vars)
Sat. Sep. 15th      JV - TBA

Fri. Sep. 21st     Nebo Inv. @ Salem Hills HS

Thurs. Sep.27th   Westlake Inv. (Girls and JV Boys)

Fri. Oct 5th        Region IV Championships @ AFHS            3:30 PM

Wed. Oct 17th    State Championships @ Sugarhouse Park   

Sat. Nov. 3rd         UHSTCA Pre-Footlocker @ AFHS

Sat. Nov. 17th     NXN-Southwest @ Tempe, AZ

Sat. Dec. 1st     Nike Cross Nationals @ Portland, Or

Sat. Dec. 1st    Footlocker West Regionals @ Walnut, Ca