Monday, July 30, 2012

The Grinder

Nathan Tracy became the 4th boy to earn his t-shirt this Summer with a time of 8:55 up The Grinder.
Makayla Stepp ran the second fastest girls' time ever at 9:48, only one second off Danielle West's record.

The boys varsity ran up to Battlecreek Falls this morning for their run as a change of pace.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend News

Coach Versaw published his Boys' NXN-SW Preview on Milesplit. This article previews the top ten teams from last year's Southwest Regionals with a few other teams highlighted. Pre-Season rankings will not be out for a several weeks. Coach Mostert is an NXN-SW ambassador for Utah (along with Coach Talley at Davis), and contributes to the coaches' poll.

Bill Meylan at Tullyrunners posted his Boys Pre-Season Rankings with AF at #10 (Davis at #5) in the Nation.

At the Timpanogos Half-Marathon, we had a fun time manning the first water station at mile 3 (although we did wake up some campers at the Sawmill Campground). Many people said thank you and complemented the job the kids did handing out water and sports drink to the participants. The kids then had a fun time running down the last ten miles of the course for their Saturday run.

Coach Dunkley won the women's division and was 5th overall in 1:11:39. SO much for retirement.
Alumna Erminia Martinez was the 15th overall woman in 1:29:32.
Team mom Nicole Warner was 17th overall woman in 1:29:51.
Tyler Bell was the 7th male overall in 1:20:17.
Coach Mann was the 34th male overall in 1:29:34.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mile Time Trial

The boys held their mid-summer mile time trial this afternoon.
Place, Name, Time, (2011 time)
1.Connor McMillan, 4:39.0 (5:01.4)
2.Benson Gunther, 4:40.1 (5:05.3)
3.Hunter Wilson, 4:44.0
4.Zac Jacklin, 4:47.3 (5:28.6)
5.Stephen Robbins, 4:48.4
6.Kaden Springer, 4:51.8 (4:51.4)
7.Spencer Herzog, 4:54.2 (5:25.5)
8.Luke Gunther, 4:56.9
9.Jacob Chase, 4:59.9
10.Jace Jensen, 5:00.2 (5:38.1)
11.Joe Simmons, 5:16.3
12.Ashton Jensen, 5:22.1
13.Scott Collings, 5:23.2
14.Nathan Tracy, 5:25.7
15.Connor Hoopes, 5:36.8 (5:05.1)
16.Michael Hixon, 5:38.8
17.Tony Jeffs, 6:04.5
18.Jonah Hickman, 6:09.1
19.Sam Everett, 6:17.7
20.Ben Schellenberg, 6:26.4
21.Parker Williams, 7:06.8
22.Josh Carson, 7:12.2

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Speedy Spaniard 10k

The Speedy Spaniard 10k was won this morning by Caveman alumnus Mike Felix with a time of 32:13.
Mack Morrison placed third in 34:01, and Coach Mostert placed 7th in 36:31.
Speedy Spaniard Results
Future Caveman Matthew Morrison won the 1 Mile Run in 6:01.1.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Grinder and other news

Congratulations to Tyler Bell for earning his Grinder t-shirt this morning. He conquered the hill in 8:56.

This Saturday, We will be helping out at the Timp Half-Marathon at the starting line and the first water stop as a fund raiser for the Caveman Track Club. We need as many athletes and parents to help as we can possibly get. Parents, if you can help (it is very early Saturday morning), have your athlete sign up at the Wednesday morning run. We will meet at AFHS at 5:00 AM and will be done early, even with the boys running back to AFHS afterward. We need at least 35 people total.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Steel Days 5k

We had our largest group ever of Cavemen who raced at the Steel Days 5k this morning.

Boys places and times (2011 times)

2.Connor McMillan  16:09 (17:00)
3.Caleb Thompson    16:14
4.Tyson Green           16:16 (16:28)
5.Zac Jacklin             16:45 (18:03)
6.Benson Gunther      16:49 (17:45)
8.Kaden Springer       16:55 (16:55)
9.Stephen Robbins      17:04
12.Hunter Wilson        17:12
13.Tyler Bell                17:17
14.Spencer Herzog     17:35
15.Jacob Chase           17:41
16.Luke Gunther         17:41 (19:37)
18.Jace Jensen            18:02 (20:39)
19.Daniel Bentley        18:39
21.Joe Simmons          18:44
23.Ashton Jensen         18:56
27.Nathan Tracey        19:13
28.Dallin Day               19:14
39.McKay Johns          20:10
44.Jonah Hickman        20:46
54.Coach Mann           21:22 (20:52)
63.Michael Hixon         22:12
104.Mitchell Shumway  25:02
Top 5 Cumulative - 82:13 (81:29)

Girls places and times (2011 times):

7.Coach Dunkley          16:52 (17:30)
25.Emily Orton             19:06
30.Makayla Stepp        19:18
33.Maddie Bench         19:46
36.Diane Leach            19:55 (20:28)
40.Lexie Green            20:15 (23:55)
42.Sophie Baird           20:33
47.Amber Bardin         21:05
52.Katie Cornell          21:17
71.Payton Pryor          22:34
84.Lena Busche          23:34
88.Abby McBride      23:54
89.Sarah Tracey         24:02 (25:03)
94.Bonnie Schellenberg 24:26
98.Kendra Heath        24:31
106.Kaylie Green        25:16
107.Anna Gunther       25:17
118.Malorie Finch       25:58
120.Nikki Smith          26:03
171.Ashlie Rymer        29:01
Top 5 Cumulative - 97:20 (111:16)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cross-Country High Altitude Camp

 We just returned from three fun-filled days of running, playing around, and eating good food at our high altitude camp held at Timpooneke Campground on Mt. Timpanogos. We had over 40 athletes this year; our second largest camp ever. Thanks to our chaperones: Mrs. Gunther, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Bardin, Mr. Morrison, Mr. Lundahl, Mr. Bench, and Principal Finch (welcome to AFHS). We would also like to thank the other parents who helped transport the team to and from camp. 

The kids got to know each other better and set their team goals for the season.

 We also had some fun runs to Scout Falls, Salamander Flats, and the Tibble Fork Road. We also had one of our best camp relays ever.

Camp Photos are below the Sliding Rock photos.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Grinder

Two Cavemen earned their Grinder t-shirts this morning:
Amber Bardin ran 10:28 to earn her t-shirt.
Stephen Robbins ran 8:43 to earn his t-shirt.

Tyson Green earned a new pair of spikes by running 7:56 up the Grinder. He is the first Cavemen in over a year to break the 8:00 barrier. Congratulations!

For athletes not going to high-altitude camp, Coach Mann will be at AFHS for a run on Wednesday at 7:00 AM.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Milesplit Girls 5A Analysis

Coach Versaw posted his pre-season analysis of girls 5A in Milesplit today. Although the girl's team is not mentioned, we have been working hard to be one of the top teams in Utah and the Southwest Region. Davis, Bingham, and Lehi are the teams mentioned as top in the State. Since Bingham and Lehi are in our Region IV, let's keep working hard and improving to beat these teams. There are 43 days until the Grass Relays and 96 days until State.

Running Fun

This morning we tooled it through Alpine up to Sliding Rock. We had a blast climbing up the rocks and sliding down the waterfall. No blood this year!

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Grinder

Hagen Harmer earned his Grinder t-shirt this morning with a time of 8:55. He is the first new boys team member to earn a shirt this Summer.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Provo Freedom Run

The Cavemen had several team members participate in the Freedom Run in Provo this morning.
In the 10k race:
Diane Leach 1st - F13-15 (119 overall) in 45:00.
Zac Jacklin 1st - M13-15 (8 overall) in 35:44.
Tyler Bell 2nd  - M13-15 (12 overall) in 36:48.
Ashton Jensen 5th - M13-15 (61 overall) in 42:17.
Alumnus Mack Morrison -1st - M16-19 (7 overall) in 31:36.

In the 5k race:
Lexie Wright 1st - F10-12 (142 overall) in 22:20.
Matthew Morrison 6th - M10-12 (137 overall) 22:16.
Benson Gunther 4th - M16-19 (8 overall) 17:03.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Milesplit Pre-Season Analysis has published an analysis of the upcoming season. It was written by Alan Versaw, coach at The Classical Academy in Colorado Springs, Co.. It points out the obvious: Davis is our big competition for this Fall. has come out with  their pre-season top 100. Davis is ranked 3rd in their rankings, while the Cavemen are 14th.
 Let's keep working hard to make up the difference between our two teams from track season. We did it last year, and if we continue training like we have, we can do it again!
Milesplit Analysis

Remember, today is the first day of our Tuesday, Thursday meetings at AFHS at 5:00 PM.