Saturday, September 20, 2014

Viking Invitational Results

The boys team and a few JV girls raced at Pleasant Grove High School this morning at the 16 team Viking Invitational. The course was 3.00 miles of grass and around the track. No team scores were taken. Complete Results.

Girls JV Results:
12.Hailey Heath, 21:57
23.Abbi Lamb, 22:42
30.Melissa Smith, 23:32
32.Heather Bergeson, 23:12
33.Abi Dean, 23:20
67.Abi McBride, 25:35
68.Candace Lundahl, 25:43
91.Megan Staten, 32:29

Boys JV Results:
1.Hagen Harmer, 16:05
2.Connor Hoopes, 16:30
3.Daniel Bentley, 16:38
5.Jason Manning, 16:50
6.Ashton Jensen, 16:55
7.Tony Jeffs, 17:24
8.Jonah Hickman, 17:28
14.Jared Anderson, 17:54
16.Talon Garrick, 18:02
29.Collin Nielsen, 18:31
36.Parker Barnes, 18:46
57.Parker Williams, 19:34
70.Bryson Owen, 20:18
88.Nate Baird, 21:07

Girls Frosh/Soph Results:
3.Dani Christlieb, 21:31
7.Ashlynn Lee, 21:53
26.Rachel Isaacson, 24:22
35.Hannah Simmons, 25:02
63.Megan Ipson, 30:24

Boys Frosh/Soph Results:
1.Ben Carson, 17:28
12.Cole Phillippi, 18:06
34.Samuel Williams, 18:43
36.Ben Shellenberg, 18:50
41.Mason Wright, 19:01
49.Spencer Fong, 19:19

Boys Varsity Results:
1.Zac Jacklin, 15:01 Course record.
2.Casey Clinger, 15:14
4.McKay Johns, 15:24
7.Joseph Simmons, 15:44
8.Jacob Chase, 15:44
12.Nathan Tracy, 16:01
35.Parker Rasmussen, 16:43

At UNLV, alumna McKayla Stepp placed 5th overall in 17:48 to help UVU win the UNLV Invitational, while Jasmyn Hildebrandt placed 18th (SUU) in 18:48. Alumnus Robby Lee (SUU) placed 22nd  in 20:45 in the men's collegiate 6.3K.

At Bozeman, Montana Diane Leach placed 46th in 18:37 for USU at the Montana State Invitational.

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