Sunday, September 7, 2014

Provo Bulldog Invitational Results

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The boys team (excluding the Varsity 7) ran Friday at the Provo Bulldog Invite at Rock Canyon Park in Provo. The 3.00 mile course was fun and hilly, with grass, trail and road segments.
The top JV boys placed 4th in the Varsity race, while the rest of the squad placed 2nd in the J.V. race.

Boys Varsity
4.Connor Hoopes, 17:25
7.Jason Manning, 17:31
23.Parker Rasmussen, 18:05
24.Tony Jeffs, 18:06
26.Ashton Jensen, 18:17
29.Jonah Hickman, 18:24
40.Daniel Bentley, 19:07

Boys JV
2.Jared Anderson, 18:56
6.Mark Carlisle, 19:12
12.Ben Carson, 19:34
21.Cole Phillippi, 19:50
22.Talon Garrick, 19:51
28.McKay Anderson, 19:59
40.Collin Nielsen, 20:27
44.Parker Barnes, 20:33
49.Ben Schellenberg, 20:40
53.Mason Wright, 20:45
56.Samuel Williams, 20:47
98.Spencer Fong, 21:58
108.Nate Baird, 22:26
113.Parker Williams, 22:32
114.Bryson Owen, 22:33

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