Saturday, August 31, 2013

American Fork Grass Relays Results

     We would like to thank everybody who helped out at the meet yesterday; especially the team parents who helped at registration, in the concession stand, in the finish chute, in the press box, and with the results boards. We had 35 teams and 1324 runners show up.

The Girls Varsity relay team placed 5th overall in a time of 64:11, with Maddie Bench earning a plaque for the 14th fastest leg in 12:33.

5.American Fork            64:11
    M.Bench            12:33
    S.Baird            12:54
    L.Green            13:16
    D.Leach            12:48
    M.Stepp            12:40

In The Girls Jr/Sr/ J.V. race, Nikki Smith was the individual champion (12:51), while Amber Bardin took home a tenth place medal (13:43).
They were followed on by:
33.Mallory Finch, 14:31
62.Andie Weight, 15:06
77.Hailey Heath, 15:23
88.Rachel Merrill, 15:34
93.Sabrina Thomas, 15:37
101.Abby McBride, 15:43
105.Megan Staten, 15:45
155.Candace Lundahl, 17:03
198.Heather Bergeson, 18:29
210.Ashlie Rymer, 19:03
212.Allison Lawrence, 19:10

Five Cavemen won awards in the Girls Frosh/Soph J.V. race. Hannah McKendrick won (12:48), just edging out here teammate Sophie Stewart (12:48). Katie Bradshaw placed 3rd (12:59), Sammy Hollingsworth 6th (13:12), and Payton Pryor in 8th (13:18).
They were followed by:
14.Anna Gunther, 13:45
20.Bonnie Schellenberg, 14:00
23.Rachael Brantley, 14:06
31.Kaylie Green, 14:26
33.Shelby Graves, 14:28
37.Camille Garrett, 14:35
43.Madison Marrott, 14:46
46.Kendra Heath, 14:49
68.Abby Lamb, 15:34
103.Autumn Kelsch, 16:22
106.Courtney Cox, 16:24
190.Taylor Hodges, 24:20

The Boys Varsity Relay team just missed setting a new Grass Relays record by only 2 seconds, running a time of 51:48. Connor McMillan ran the 2nd fastest time ever (9:52), only 4 seconds off of the record. He was the fastest leg by 11 seconds. Zac Jacklin also won a plaque with a 4th place leg in 10:06.
1.American Fork           51:48
     C.McMillan               9:52
     Z.Jacklin                   10:06
     T.Bell                       10:36
     N.Tracy                    10:41
     C.Thompson             10:33

In the Boys Jr/Sr J.V. race, the Cavemen swept the first 5 places and 7 of the  10 medals. Daniel Bentley was the individual champion in 10:34. He was followed by Spencer Herzog (10:35), Jace Jensen (10:41), Jacob Chase (10:52), and Luke Gunther (10:52).  Connor Hoopes placed 7th  in10:57 and Ashton Jensen 8th in 10:58.
They were followed by:
82.Dillon Stone, 12:15
84.Tyler Schow, 12:19
90.Parker Rasmussen, 12:26

Four Cavemen took home top ten awards in the Boys Frosh/Soph J.V. race. Casey Clinger was the individual champion in 10:40, followed by runner-up McKay Johns in 10:45. Joe Simmons placed 6th in 10:58 and Hagen Harmer 7th in 11:02. In total, the Cavemen had an astounding 16 boys under 11:00!
They were followed by:
13.Adam Juchau, 11:20
19.Jonah Hickman, 11:27
21.Tony Jeffs, 11:35
44.Jared Anderson, 12:00
49.Jason Manning, 12:06
110.Mark Carlisle, 12:53
123.Ben Schellenberg, 13:01
209.Collin Nielsen, 13:48
238.Nate Baird, 14:11

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