Monday, August 13, 2012

The Grinder and Other News

Congratulations to Sophie Baird and Joe Simmons for earning their Grinder shirts today.
Sophie made it up with a fantastic time of 10:07, while Joe ran an 8:57 PR.

Please make sure you get your activity fee paid ASAP. Athletes cannot race until they've paid. Activity fees, Uniforms, and Team Apparel can be paid for at the school financial window or on the school website. Uniforms do not need to be repurchased if they bought theirs from a previous year. Hit the My School Fees link.
Activity Fee: $60
Girls Uniform: $43
Boys Uniform: $30
Team t-shirt: $9 (optional)
Ball Cap: $15 (optional)
Winter Beanie: $13 (optional)
We are getting bids for track jackets, at the moment. We'll send out order forms for them soon.

Parents, if you haven't signed up for an assignment for The Grass Relays or for post-race treats yet, please call Mrs. McLelland at 772-0417.

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