Saturday, August 25, 2012

American Fork Grass Relays Results

Perfect weather help make Saturday a great day for the Cavemen at their own Grass Relays. We had 1300 from 30 teams compete in the 17th edition of this event. Many of our athletes ran faster over the hay than they did at their time time trials earlier in the month.
Grass Relays Results

First off was the Girls Frosh/Soph JV race with 213 competitors.
Lexie Green won in a stellar time of 12:29 on the 2 mile course.
Katie Cornell third place in 13:04 to win her award. She was followed by:
14.Payton Pryor, 13:38
24.Anna Gunther, 14:19
26.Kaylie Green, 14:23
48.Rachel Brantley, 14:56
59.Abi McBride, 15:13
82.Malorie Finch, 15:52
103.Andie Weight, 16:23
117.Hailey Heath, 16:39
119.Megan Staten, 16:40
130.Candace Lundahl, 16:55
132.Heather Bergeson, 16:57
156.Aspen Eastwood, 17:55
198.Brooke Morgan, 19:48

Next up was the boys Frosh/Soph JV race with 260 runners.
Stephen Robbins and Jacob Chase went 1-2 with times of 11:03 and 11:05, respectively.
The Cavemen also got award winners in 6th, Ashton Jensen in 11:33, 7th, Nathan Tracy in 11:36, and 8th place, Joe Simmons in 11:36.
Also competing for the Cavemen were:
12.Daniel Bentley, 11:39
18.Connor Hoopes, 11:45
22.Hagen Harmer, 11:51
68.Dillon Stone, 12:44
97.Tony Jeffs, 13:06
102.Jonah Hickman, 13:13
227.Parker Williams, 15:11

The Girls Jr/Sr JV race held 263 runners  of which Amber Bardin won and award for 5th place in 12:47.
Competitors for the Lady Cavemen were:
25.Melanie Stucki, 13:54
27.Rachel(11) Merrill, 13:56
30.Ashley Larson, 14:02
31.Rachel(12) Merrill, 14:03
220.Ashlei Rymer, 18:30

The Cavemen had three award winners in the Boys Jr/Sr JV race with 316 competitors:
3.Spencer Herzog, 10:39
4.Hunter Wilson, 10:43
10.Benson Gunther, 11:03
Others racing for the Cavemen:
12.Luke Gunther, 11:13
15.Tyler Bell, 11:23
24.Jace Jensen, 11:34
87.Dallin Day, 12:23
132.Michael Hixon, 12:50
251.Sam Everett, 14:09

The Varsity 5X2 mile relay races came next and turned out to be very special for the Cavemen.
First was the Girls Relay with 24 teams. The Lady Cavemen finished in 4th place to earn a trophy, running 64:08 which was 12th best all-time, and 2 minutes faster than the school record which was set by the 2009 State Champions.
The relay team consisted of:
Emily Orton, 12:46, then Sophie Baird, 12:55, then Diane Leach, 13:08, then Makayla Stepp, 12:25 (8th fastest overall), and anchoring, Maddie Bench, 12:54.

The Boys Varsity Relay had 25 teams competing. Spectators saw all five Cavemen win awards. They also won the first place team trophy with a 22 second relay record in 51:46. Lead-off leg was team captain Brayden McLelland with a split of 10:15 (3rd on the day,14th all-time). He gave the crew a 2 second lead which stretched to 15 seconds after Caleb Thompson's (10th fastest) 10:25 split. Zac Jacklin (9th fastest) continued lengthening the lead to 29 seconds over nationally ranked rival Davis with his split of 10:25. Tyson Green (15th fastest) kept the lead , running 10:32, but Skyler Williams of Davis gained 7 seconds back until Connor McMillan closed the door with his 10:07 split (2nd on the day and 8th fastest all-time) to win by 47 seconds. The time by the Davis crew, 52:33, is 3rd fastest ever on the course.

We would like to thank the parent boosters for running registration, the concession stand, the results tent, and the finish chute. Special thanks to the team dads who helped us pick up the hay afterward. Also thanks to Frank and Quinn for helping us with our custodial needs.

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