Friday, July 26, 2013

Athlete Physicals

This post is for athletes who have not yet handed in their physical form.
I've been informed that the American Fork Clinic is doing a physicals night on July 31st at 6:00 pm.  Cost is $30.   The clinic in the past has paid their nurses for their overtime and then has donated the rest of the money back to the sports medicine department.

All athletes need to take a copy of the physical form with the entire front side (Emergency info., medical history) and the parent permission portion on the back side filled out.  No athlete will be given a physical without these filled out first.  I have attached a copy of the physical form so you can print them out for your own teams.

Those of you who are fall sports, I highly recommend taking advantage of this night if your athletes haven't already had a physical this summer.  All physicals for this year need to be post May 1st

Winter and spring sport coaches, please encourage your athletes to also take advantage of this night. 

The AF Clinic has been very gracious to provide this night and it would get one thing out of the way for these athletes.  To help them know how many nurses and doctors to have at the clinic that night, please get a count from your teams as to how many would like to use the clinic and email me back by Tuesday, July 30th. This count is very important.

Becky Bailey, AFHS Athletic Trainer

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