Friday, October 9, 2009

Region IV Championships

2009 Region IV Champions
2009 Region IV Champions

Today, the Cavemen ran 3.00 miles at Cottonwood Complex in Salt Lake City for their Region IV Championships.

First Up were the Girls JV who beat Alta by 3 points 26 to 29 for the Region JV title. They were led by 1.Kim Clemons 20:54, 3.Taylir Garrison 21:31, 5.Natasha Lye 21:35, 7.Kaovae Belt 21:40, 10.Alex Hildebrandt 22:33, 15.Kylie Buckwalter 22:56, 16.Morgan King 22:58, 19.McKaylie Nelson 23:08, 21.Angie Vawdrey 23:10, 23.Kimberly Merrill 23:15, 24.Ashlyn Hatch 23:17, 42.Sara Simmons 24:55, 43.Abby Morrison 24:59, 60.Shannon Rowley 26:40, 68.Melissa Hirsch 27:11, 69.Kayla Bradshaw 27:14.

Next up were the Boys JV team who won BIG TIME! A clean sweep 15 points.
They were led by 1.Nafe Richardson 16:45, 2.Derek Day 16:51 (in his first race since early August), 3.Daniel Keller 17:06, 4.Kevin Judd 17:08, 5.Jacob Healey 17:29, 6.Michael Richards 17:44, 7.Robert McMillan 17:46, 10.Brady Pulsipher 17:53, 11.Seth Bangerter 17:54, 12.Tyler Ward 18:07, 13.Josh Virchow 18:15, 14.Joseph Stewart 18:18, 15.Dallas Griswold 18:18, 16.Emilio Martinez 18:20, 21.Ty Young 18:40, 25.Dallin Day 18:54, 36.Benson Gunther 19:29, 37. Kendall Orton 19:37, 49.Kyle Orton 20:13, 60.Zach Wigington 20:39, 64.Clayton Pehrson 20:46, 70.Brayden Tanner 21:15, 80.Adam Derfler 21:48.

The Girls Varsity were missing Morgan, who was out with the flu, but still came out as Region IV Champions with only 19 points! They were led by 1.Alexis Laws 19:15, 2.Jamie Lee 19:22, 4.Kaijsa Angerhofer 19:36, 5.Danielle West 19:41, 7.Lakyn Lux 19:53, 14.Jasmyn Hildebrandt 20:34, and 31.Erminia Martinez 22:19. Their top 5 cumulative was 97:47 on a course most believe is tougher than the State Course in 11 days.

The last race of the day was the Boys Varsity, and they gave more evidence why they are ranked nationally. Austin West almost broke the course record by winning in 15:19. He was followed by 3.Clayton Young 15:53, 4.Robby Lee 15:55, 7.Mack Morrison 16:07, 12.Jeff Nelson 16:23, 15.Corey Jackson 16:40, and 21.Brian Vawdrey 17:09. the boys team won with only 27 points to 67 for Hillcrest and 68 for Pleasant Grove. Their top 5 cumulative was 79:37!

State will be at Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, October 21st.

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