Thursday, June 29, 2017

Important Reminders

Athletes must sign up on the team roster on .

High Altitude Camp is coming up in 12 days. Requirements for an athlete to attend:
1.Running up The Grinder the entire way without walking (only 1 more chance next Monday),
2.Be on the team roster on Registermyathlete.
3.Have Physical Exam completed and uploaded to registermyathlete. If you cannot get in to see your doctor before camp, you can get a physical done at the Insta-Care located on West State Street by the Costco.
4.Have concussion training completed and certificate uploaded to registermyathlete.
If you are having problems uploading any documents, AFHS has placed tutorial videos on the school website. LINK
5.Have camp registration form filled out and handed in to your coach with a $35 check made out to "Caveman Track Club" ASAP.

Next week is the UHSAA Summer Moratorium. Coaches will not be meeting with the athletes.
Reminder to boys team members: in July we will begin meeting on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 5:00 PM in order to get acclimated to the heat.

Today you can get the discounted entry fee ($13-$20) to the Speedy Spaniard 10k in Spanish Fork on July 24th, Registration Link. It goes up to $17-$24 tomorrow.

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Heather said...

Do you want all the boys to register for the Spanish Fork 10K?