Monday, August 3, 2015

The Grinder Week 10 and Other News

Congratulations to Patrick Parker for breaking 8:00 up the Grinder this morning to earn his spikes with a time of 7:55. He is the first new Caveman this season and the 21st to ever break 8:00.

Congratulations to Joe Simmons for winning the Highland Fling 5k last Saturday with a time of 15:58. He won by over 30 seconds.

Casey Clinger will be attending the Nike Elite Camp in Portland, Oregon this week. Only 10 elite cross country boys from around the Nation are invited. Elite Camp Website Link. Congratulations to Casey for this opportunity.
Elite Camp Highlight Video           Elite Camp Workout Video        Casey Bio Video              

Sub 8:00 Grinder
1992-Chris Merkley
1993-Dave Bell
2008-Jeff Harmon
2009-Robby Lee, Austin West
2010-Clayton Young, Nafe Richardson, Derek Day, Mack Morrison
2012-Brayden McLelland, Tyson Green, Caleb Thompson
2013-Connor McMillan, Nathan Tracy, Casey Clinger, Zac Jacklin,  McKay Johns, Hagen Harmer, Daniel Bentley
2014-Jacob Chase
2015-Patrick Parker, Joe Simmons, Jason Manning, Patrick Larkin, Parker Barnes
2016-Carson Clinger

Sub 9:30 Grinder
2013-Makayla Stepp, Maddie Bench, Lexie Green, Katie Cornell, Diane Leach
2014-Lexie Wright, Cami Squires, Sammy Hollingsworth
2015-Sara Musselman
2016-Brooklyn Hopkins

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