Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nebo Invite Information

The Nebo Invite will be held this Friday at Salem Hills High School.
Address: 150 N. Skyhawk Blvd. Salem, UT 84653
Link to Google Map
The bus will leave AFHS at 2:00 PM. Students will be excused from class at AFHS and the Jr. Highs at 1:30 PM. Athletes must ride the bus to SHHS to participate. Parents can take their athletes home after their team cooldown if you notify their coach.

Race Schedule:
3:30 - Girls Fr/So
4:00 - Boys Fr/So
4:30 - Girls Jr/Sr
5:00 - Boys Jr/Sr
5:30 - Girls Varsity
6:00 - Boys Varsity

On Saturday, the boys team is meeting at AFHS at 7:00 AM to go to Sugarhouse Park to run the State course. If any parents can drive, it would be appreciated.

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