Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wasatch Back Relay

The boys put together a team this year for the first time for the 198 mile Wasatch Back Relay.
They finished 4th overall out of 1129 teams with a cumulative team time of 22:07:45. The boys counted up over 900 roadkills total from both vans!
This is an incredible job, considering some last minute JV substitutions and one runner going to the hospital for heat exhaustion. I'll add more particular results for our team when I get them.
They were  only 27 minutes behind rivals Davis, 2:17:53 behind Weber State and only 3:00:23 behind winners BYU. Brayden McLelland ran the 12th fastest leg up Ragnar Hill in 35:50.
Full Team Results
Coach Mostert ran on the Master's Champion team sponsored by Fleet Feet that was 16th overall in 26:04:13. He also won the Master's Division run up Ragnar Hill for the 6th straight year in 39:25.

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