Thursday, October 20, 2011

Utah State Championships

What an exciting day!
First up were the girls who placed fifth with 136 points. Their team time of 101:13 was 5th best on the AF all-time list.

Competitors for the Lady Cavemen were:
14. Jamie Lee. 19:26 (10th all-time at AFHS)
21. Diane Leach, 19:47 (17th all-time at AFHS)
34. Maddie Bench, 20:36
35. Makayla Bernardo, 20:38
40. Lexie Green, 20:44
48. Amber Bardin, 20:58
71. Taylir Garrison, 22:01
Everyone except Jamie and Taylir will return next year.

The boys took off at 4 PM. Literally.
The Cavemen picked up their third straight 5A crown, scoring 25 points to 33 for Davis. Cavemen and Darts took 10 of the top 12 places. The Cavemen ran a team time of 78:17, #2 all-time behind our 78:01 record from last year. Davis' team time was #3 all-time.

It was an Epic dual meet battle between the two nationally ranked teams.

Mack Morrison set the 5A record of 15:22.4, passing Brad Nye of Davis in the last 25 meters.
Clayton Young placed 3rd in 15:31, with Brayden McLellend right behind him in 15:33. Davis' Brayden Cromar came in 5th, followed by our friend Haven Shelton from PG. Connor McMillan took 7th, passing about 6 guys in the last mile.His time of 15:47  just missed Clayton's 5A Soph record by 4 seconds. He was followed 3 more Davis boys in 8th-Preston Johnson, 10th-Logan Wood, and 11th-Skylar Williams. Tyson Green took 12th in 16:03 to finish the scoring. Zac Jacklin placed 15th in 16:09, which set a new 5A Frosh record by 4 seconds. Dallas Griswold placed 35th in 16:50. The boys' times ended up 1st, 5th, 7th, 9th, 16th, and 19th on the all-time Caveman list.

We'd like to thank all the students, parents, alumni, and fans for coming to Sugarhouse Park to support the team. We would also like to thank the AF Fire Department for the fire engine escort through town on the way back to school. That was AWESOME!
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