Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Running The Edge

Friends of Caveman Cross-Country, Olympian Adam Goucher and Teacher and Coach Tim Catalano, have written a book called "Running The Edge". It is about striving for excellence in both running and in life. Copies of the book can be purchased from their website: Run The Edge.

Tim and Adam have announced that for every book sold on their website between now and October 5th, Run the Edge will donate $3.00 to Runners with a Reason,  a non-profit charity started by Britt Ehlers and his wife to raise money to remove the reasons people find not to run.  Britt's first thought was to provide shoes to addicts who wanted to use running to fight their addictions.  This idea got the ball rolling and soon Runners with a Reason was helping runners in a variety of ways.  They have collected over 1000 shoes for One World Running , provide support and scholarships for the Girls on the Run program, and created a winter running club for students at low income schools in their area.  In the first year of that program, 3 kids finished the Lincoln half marathon and earned $250 scholarships for college.  It is not much but a gentle push in the right direction can have a tremendous trans-formative influence on a young person’s life.

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