Friday, July 22, 2011

High Altitude Camp

This week we had high altutude camp at Timpooneke. We had our largest camp ever with over 50 people. We arrived Tuesday afternoon and went for a run up to Scout Falls. There was still snow up around the area.

 Tuesday night we gathered around the campfire for team introductions and games.

 Clayton won the Chubby Bunny contest with 18.

 On Wednesday morning, we ran from Tibble Fork Reservoir towards Cascade Springs, then jumped in the reservoir to cool down.

 That afternoon we took a run on the Great Western Trail up to Salamander Flats.
 On Wednesday night we enjoyed Caveman Stew, and then the team captains went over our season goals.

Girls Captains Ashlyn, Taylir, and Jamie
 Boys Captains Clayton, Dallas, and Mack
On Thursday morning, we had our camp relays. Dallas' team won
Coach Mostert has a box full of stuff that was left at camp.  If you are missing something, come pick it up from him.

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