Sunday, October 3, 2010

Park City Invite

Yesterday, the AF J.V. raced at the Park City Invite. It was a beautiful day in the mountains: sunny, 60-70 degrees, the leaves are changing. The course was 2.94 miles of hills at 6700 ft. altitude on dirt roads and trails East of town at the National Ability Center.
The Girls JV squad placed 13th out of 20 teams in the Girls Race. Scoring for the Lady Cavemen were 52-Diane Leach(20:39), 71-Kylie Buckwalter(21:25), 108-Ashlyn Hatch(22:26), 111-Kaovae Belt(22:28), and 116-Taylir Garrison(22:34). They were followed by 141-Ashley Larson(23:06), 156-Paige Leyba(23:36), 158-Jen Squire(23:41), 164-Krissy Eakins(23:49), 165-Beth Laney(23:51), 211-Kirsten Shelley(25:08), and 277-Melissa Hirsch(31:23).
The Boys JV squad placed 2nd out of 21 teams, missing first by only 15 points behind the Park City varsity in the Boys Race. Scoring for the Cavemen were 14-Tyson Green(16:40), 21-Brayden McLelland(16:53), 24-Robert McMillan(16:56), 27-Emilio Martinez(16:58), and 33-Dallas Griswold(17:13). They were followed by 47-Connor McMillan(17:25), 50-Tyler Ward(17:26), 56-Michale Richards(17:33), 62-Dallin Day(17:41), 77-Caleb Thompson(17:54), 88-TJ Bishop(18:06), 94-Tyler Finch(18:10), 95-Hector Sanchez(18:11), 100-Tyler Bell(18:14), 111-Landon Redhair(18:21), 119-Jacob Healey(18:28), 137-Kaden Springer(18:44), 146-Tyler Staten(18:53), 152-Benson Gunther(19:21), 170-Brandon Squires(19:18), 321-Zach Wigington(22:24), 347-Josh Carson(23:41), and 363-Philip Sorensen(25:52).

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