Saturday, September 12, 2009

The boys ran really well at the Wasatch Invitational (3.00 miles at Soldier Hollow) this morning.
First, the JV squad won the JV race with 17 points:
1. Kevin 17:51, 2.Ashenafe 18:12, 3.Michael 18:12, 5.Jacob 18:45, 6.Daniel 18:52, 9.Brady 19:01, 13.Robert 19:13, 14.Seth 19:19, 15.Emilio 19:23, 16.Tyler 19:23, 28.Josh 19:51, 29.Dallin 19:52, 31.Joseph 19:53, 45.T.J. 20:19, 56.Benson 20:44, 59.Dallas 20:47, 116.Adam 22:11, 118.Brayden 22:22, 130.Clayton 22:54, 134.Zach 23:06.
The Boys Varsity won with 29 points, followed by Pleasant Grove-67, Alta-117, Hillcrest-135:
1.Austin -16:28 (new course record), 2.Robby 16:45, 4.Mack 17:04, 7.Clayton 17:10, 15.Jeff 17:44, 19.Corey 17:58, 27.Brian 18:16 (Top 5 85:11)


EditorTaylor said...

I have the results and story linked up on Running Utah. Wasatch Invitational

EditorTaylor said...

American Fork Team,

Ever so often a team comes along that combines timing, with great coaching, and exceptional individual talent. With superb training this can combine for moments of greatness. AF is standing upon the precipice of greatness. As the Milesplit Western US National Editor and Utah Editor I want to commend you on an outstanding start to your season. Your goal is to win state, nothing more and nothing less. I did the National Rankings for 1982, in that year I had this team in Ohio, Cincinnati Elder, who went undefeated in their season only to lose to two teams they decimated all season in their Region Championships. At the state meet, Elder crushed these two teams but the damage had been done. You need to understand that every time you step onto the line you raise the level of competition around you. Teams will do things they aren't capable of simply because you are their. My advice, stay grounded, be smart, and don't look beyond the mark. You are on a quest for a State Championship. I am proud to be able to represent you on the national forum. Great job at wasatch!


Aron Taylor
Western US National Editor
Utah Editor