Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grass Relays

Today we held the 14th Annual Grass Relays.
Thanks to all the parents, alumni, and friends who came and helped to make the meet a success.
The Boys won the varsity relay for only the 2nd time ever with the 4th fastest time ever!
The Girls placed third with the 15th fastest time ever!
Congratulations to our individual award winners:
Boys Varsity: Robby Lee - 2nd, Austin West -4th, Clayton young - 9th, and Corey Jackson - 14th.
Girls Varsity: Jamie Lee - 2nd and Morgan Warner - 7th.
Boys Frosh/Soph JV: Mack Morrison - 1st
Girls Frosh/Soph JV: Kaijsa Angerhofer - 1st
Boys Jr/Sr JV: Brian Vawdrey - 8th
Girls Jr/Sr JV: Kaovae Belt - 6th and Kimberly Clemons - 9th

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